Friday, September 24, 2010

Gay men love the church like a fat kid loves cake!!!

Is it just me or does it seem like gay men love the church the way a fat kid loves cake?!?
I sincerely hope that this man is innocent. You know why?!? Because I honestly don't think that the church can stand to have yet another hypocrite step forward and cry on television and ask for our eternal forgiveness. Though I must admit that I am somewhat interested in seeing how this whole thing plays out. You know why?!? Because I honestly don't have a dog in this particular fight. But while I was tooling around the Internet earlier today, I saw where Bishop Eddie Long had called for a national ban on same-sex marriage and his church counsels gay members to become straight. In 2004, he led a march with Bernice King to her father's Atlanta grave to support a national constitutional amendment to protect marriage "between one man and one woman." I guess he just didn't want the competition.
Ain't that some shit?!? Even Eddie doesn't believe in same sex marriage!!!
Do you know who is the real beneficiary of this scandal?!? Easy, the Catholic Church. Maybe they engineered this whole thing?!? Maybe the Pope was tired of having to lie and pretend that he'd never heard of priests having sex with little boys?!?

For the life of me, I'll never understand how someone who is supposed to stand for something spiritual like this, could so blatantly put themselves first. How could a grown man want to take advantage of children or young people that looked up to them in this fashion?!? Personally I just couldn't forgive someone for betraying this type of trust with children. God forgives..........Reggie doesn't, not for some things. I started not to blog this topic. Particularly since I know that everyone and their mother will probably want to write about this; but I really couldn't resist. Particularly since I had so many mean things to say about this.For instance....I know that this is an old picture; but I'm hoping that they can get back together......I hope it works out. Which one of these men would you say was the dominant partner in this relationship?!?

No seriously, why do you think that there are so many gay men involved in the church?!?


  1. Reggie, i'm not touching this with platinum prongs, but i will comment, oh yeah i will. Though hoping it's not true, when i heard of the first three, i knew there would be more...i have always thought this man a bit suspect, why...i don't know, maybe gaydar, maybe bc i know alot of dl men, (not by choice, just is)...if it's not true then i only wish the best for him. But the proof is most definitely in the pudding...why would you give these boyz to men, gifts, trips, trinkets and yourself so fully and why would they all have the same story. Shakedown, NO, i don't think so, its the truth, some folks hide behide their own truth to hide the fact that what they adamantly speak out about is indeed a hidden desire. Just maybe.

  2. Mizrepresent there is a quote from President Lincoln that comes to mind when I think of this situation and all others like it.

    ..."Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

    Personally I would have respected him more if he was screwing one of the married women in the church.

  3. Don't all of these preachers share the predilections of Dwight of "The Real Hoodrats of the ATL".
    Any man THAT focussed on style and fashion is more than likely gay.
    But I see this all the time with many of today's boys who were raised by their mothers and grandmothers alone.
    Many of these boys have the same cares and mannerisms usually associated with women.

  4. I'm like Cadillac Kim...the Word does say "touch not the anointed" - but it doesn't say a damn thing about eddie long..excuse me, i mean dick tracey long (which is the name he used when checking in at some of the hotels in the many tropical paradises he treated his boys to men to!

    i don't think gay men flock to the church. i think gay men, women, teenagers seek the lord just like straight people do. he's god to us all not just to those who we feel are acting according to what our moral compass says is on point.

    in my mind's eye eddie is already guilty...the bathroom crusty ass pics, the trips, the fact that he's supposed to step down after sunday.

    i just feel for those who put their faith in him...gave him their hard earned money, their rolex watches and other jewelry (yep, heard that kind of stuff was going in the collection plate too).

    if there's is anything to be learned from this it's "PUT YOUR FAITH IN NO MAN"!!!

    his bald headed, wig wearing ass ought to be made to give every dime of it back.

  5. John I want to agree with you, but I do know so many young men who were raised under those circumstances and they're seriously thirsty for some poontang.

    I don't know, there's something else going on.

    I've always believed that the reason why there are so many gays in the church is because they all initially join in an attempt to run away from what they are. Regardless of whether they're priests or pastors or just in the congregation. They're running away from what they are and then they end up going to church and giving in to their desires, whether natural or in the case of the pedos...unnatural.

  6. Hey Keith, come again. This is just how I like to roll. I like to keep it real, straight with no chaser.

  7. Roschelle my favorite nom de guerre used to be my "porn star" name.....Myles Long.

    This is what I find funny about this "scandal"; and that is this. War. Rape. Murder. Poverty. Equal rights for gays. Guess which one Eddie Long has a problem with?!?

  8. I don't think that being raised by a single mother makes them gay - only that they are preconditioned to be so if the conditions are right.

  9. He should have just been honest with himself. Then he wouldn't be in this situation. But he is. I generally have no use for preachers so I think the whole thing is hilarious.

    Everybody loves hokey-pokey. Some people like different flavors, that's all.

  10. But John if they're raised by a mother and father and they're pre-conditioned to be gay, then they will be.

    I guess I'm saying I don't think that's it. My father used to claim if you "babied" a boy like that he'd turn into a sugarfoot. I don't believe that they're all born that way, but I don't know how many are actually made.....outside of the joint anyway.

  11. Yeah Shady Grady, even Negrodamus said that if Michael Jackson had just joined the church as a priest, they'd have just transferred him.

    Sad ain't it.

    By the way.........loved the link dude!!!

  12. Wow, where to start?

    Well first, who said Eddie Long was gay? He's been accused of being a child molester. No one that I'm aware of has said that he had relationships with grown men.

    Most child molesters are heterosexual. That's a fact.

    Second, why are so many gay men involved in the church?

    I'm pretty sure gay people go to church for the same reasons as str8 people. I could ask why so many str8 people go to church.

    And finally; why does common sense seem to leave the room when the subject of homosexuality comes up?

    Why is it that str8 people sit around giving their thoughts on what makes someone gay?

    Do str8 people remember at what age they decided to become str8? Were str8 people pre-conditioned to be str8?

    Some people are str8 and some are gay. A gay person is not a str8 person gone wrong. Just as a Black person is not a White person gone wrong.

  13. Thank you for the common sense Val, this blog needed that.

    But Val, I can't remember the last time I even saw a choir director or piano player that wasn't gay. Okay, I'm willing to concede that I'm not exactly an expert on this topic. But I would remind you that we're all experts when we're drinking scotch (full disclosure).

    Okay okay, then why are there so many pedophiles in the church Val?!?

    Are they going because they want to get their praise on?!?

  14. Damn, Reggie! Now there's a twist... the catholic church set up the Good Reverend Bishop Dr. Longstroke!

  15. As to your first question. I'm not sure of the percentages of gay choir directors. However I do know that there is a stereotype that choir directors are gay. So I think what we see tends to reinforce what we already think. In other words we notice the gay choir directors because that fits in with what we already believe but we don't notice the srt8 choir directors.

    It's sort of like how racists only notice the Black people that reinforce their racist thoughts but never seem to notice the Black people that don't.

    As for pedophiles; I think pedophiles operate in environments where they can gain trust and have access to children. And churches are a perfect place for that.

  16. Of course we should pray for the man, but just as with other preachers who have MINISTRIES built around the how to deal with homosexuality and then get caught as homosexual themselves, we gotta start saying TO LEADERSHIP, if you have a problem you are hiding, DON'T BUILD A MINISTRY on that problem, you just take down more people than yourself when you are eventually exposed.

    Here is a link to the story:

    Here is an excerpt: "Long has called for a national ban on same-sex marriage and his church counsels gay members to become straight. In 2004, he led a march with Bernice King to her father's Atlanta grave to support a national constitutional amendment to protect marriage "between one man and one woman."

    This has got to stop. Yes, we all fall short of the mark, however; when you have a public minitsry that touches so many people, either admit you are struggling with what you are preaching about yourself OR don't start a ministry around an issue you yourself have.

    I pray for Bishop Long, and I pray that people can seperate him from the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

  17. I am an atheist and have little to no use for churches of any kind. That said my sympathy goes out, not to Mr. Long , but to all the little old ladies and God fearing folk that help make his life possible. To them he owes an apology. I don't know for a fact that every single allegation is true but if a man is sending buff pics of himself to someone it's because he's either ******* them or would like to **** them. That's true no matter his sexuality. That I do know.

    @Reggie, yeah Richard Thompson is one of my favorite guitarists/songwriters..

  18. Aren't there Christian groups that are more tolerant of homosexuality than others? If Eddie Long (what a name) is indeed less than 100% true blue heterosexual he could have joined one of those groups. The problem isn't so much the sexuality as it is the lying to himself and to others and the abuse of trust. Never mind the fact that the Gospels are just chock full of references to wealth accumulation as wrong and Christians-especially leaders-needing to stop it.

    One can believe such admonitions are wrong or outdated of course but they are the foundation of much of Jesus' teachings. Jesus and his disciples and followers weren't living large.

  19. I'm just curious so, y'all help me out here. If he molested young men, wouldn't that make him a gay child molester? I don't understand how you can be heterosexual yet, be fond of young men.

    Reggie, I was so hoping you would hit this topic because, I wanted to see what pics you would put up. You were on target as usual... I love the third one!

  20. thanks for speaking to the truth reggie. a chunk of black people refuse to acknowledge that there are many of sinners in that damn pulpit. and yes, i do hope eddie dick-tracey long and bush get back together. swirl is in nowadays.

  21. RiPPa I try to sniff out all the angles here in Reggie's Rantings. I'm sure I'll pull something else outta my ass in a minute!!!

  22. Val I don't have anything against gays. I try to be open minded.....I try anyway. If I were born a woman I'm sure I would have been a lesbian, because men are just too damned trifling for me. Besides I don't want to come across as a hypocrite. What do I look like telling women they shouldn't enjoy tasting the same things that I get so much enjoyment out of tasting?!?

    It seems to me though that when I do attend church; and I'd be lying if I said I went regularly, a lot of the men in there are either old or gay. I'm sure that most of the straight men are home like me watching football usually.

    I will say that I apologize if I offended you Val. I didn't mean to make it sound as if homosexuality were some sort of perversion. I have the utmost respect for you and it was never my intent to compare homosexuality and pedophilia. It's my belief that pedophiles can't be cured or receive treatment for their predilections and that if they're ever caught touching a child that they should be put to death. That way, they'll never do that again.

    I do agree with you that pedos are always in places where they have power and have access to take advantage of children. This man sounds like that type of predator; but I'm willing to bet that he's had relationships with grown men too.

    Back to the subject though. I'm willing to bet that the percentage of men that regularly attend churches that are gay are at far higher percentages than proportion to people in society in general. Far higher and there is a reason that they go.

  23. BT is always great to have you stop by my page.

    Bishop Long speaking out on homosexuality and gay marriage would be like you or I speaking out on men of color having sex with women of color. It's just stupid. You'd think he'd be embarrassed to even open his mouth.

    Pedophiles can't be cured though. Pedophilia to me is like murder and a death sentence ought to accompany anyone convicted of it.

  24. Shady Grady this guy is a shill, a snake oil salesman and no better than a pimp or a drug dealer. He's a hustler and a bullshit artist. He's selling and everyone else seems to be buying.

    It's just so sad and pathetic

  25. Shady Grady I've never understood just why God's voice on Earth has to drive a Cadillac; and I've yet to have anyone explain it to me where it actually made sense.

  26. Bayou Creole back in April I wrote a blog entry called "No fish on Fridays" where I used that picture.

    ....and I had to trot it back out for this one. I always take time and care in selecting my pictures for a blog. To me it's like a Hallmark card, you've gotta spend time and care and find the perfect one.

  27. His name should be Rev Lowdown, Ecosoulintellectual. I'm surprised his kind hasn't bought the church to it's knees already.

  28. It is what it is Heff. No matter which organized religion you see these days, someone's kid is taking it in the ass!!!

  29. This whole ordeal is just so damn reprehensible it's mind boggling. Here's a preacher that fights AGAINST Gay rights, speaks OUT against HOMOSEXUALITY in NO UNCERTAIN terms...only to be accused of not only engaging in HOMOSEXUAL activities...BUT WITH MEMBERS OF HIS OWN CONGREGATION??? What the HELL? Eddie...Dick Tracy...I don't give a damn what your name is you sir are the WORST HYPOCRITE since Jimmy Swaggart's crying bitch ass antics or Senator Larry Craig's Toe-Tappin self was busted and summarily "chunked" from the U.S.Senate!(Craig served on the House Ethics Committee. In 1989 Craig was reported to have led an extended effort that pushed for more severe punishment of Representative Barney Frank for his involvement in a gay prostitution scandal.)
    That is DESPICABLE. You can't BE anymore despicable than to rant and rave in public and partake in the same activities clandestinely in PRIVATE.
    At least be for real. If you a "Rump Ranger" claim it. For God's sake...homophobic hypocrites make me sick with that crap.

  30. I guess that Larry Craig thought it was alright to suck dicks, he just didn't think that it was cool to pay to suck dicks.

    You're right Monstah, this dude is a straight up hypocrite....and that's the only thing straight about him.

  31. I wasn't offended, Reggie. I didn't think you were being malicious. It was really more the tone of some of the comments on the thread that were bothersome.

    You may be right about gay men and church, percentage wise. I haven't been to church in a while so I don't know. But I do know that Black gay men are raised in the same culture as heterosexual Black people and that's a culture that puts a high premium on going to church. So it wouldn't be surprising that Black gay men do attend church.

    Also I think that many str8 Black men have more of a problem being preached to by another man than a gay man might. Which would account for the relatively low numbers of Black str8 men that attend church regularly.

  32. There was a time when the oldest son inherited, became a professional or a soldier and the younger or youngest brother or the effeminate brother became a priest or a minister or something like that.

    I think that there are men out there that see the desires they have as unnatural and they reject them. I think that's why men that find themselves attracted to other men or children join the church. I think that they see it as running away from what they are and trying to do the right thing. But their desires don't leave them.

    Pedophiles tend to be teachers, priests, childcare providers...etc.

    Bank robbers rob banks because that's where the money is, pedophiles do the same thing.

  33. "Out side of the joint"
    Yep - Babied boys end up gay.
    Even if it's only in prison.

  34. @ Val - Damn... now that's an interesting point of view.
    Are prisoners really gay or are they just acting on impulse towards the best availible option?
    IMOHO - Most gays are just born that way.
    The Bible says that 'some are born Eunics" (or something like that).
    Science has identified Hermaphrodites and those who have various degrees of Chimerism.
    Is being gay just a mild form of Chimerism?
    And I'd have to ask the question asked above - wouldn't Eddie be considered a gay Pedophile?
    (The gay being natural but the Pedophilia being the ailment?)

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  36. That's just it John, there are no absolutes. There are plenty of "babied" boys that grow up in households full of women, with no men, that turn out to be some of the thirstiest of the thirsty when it comes to poonanny.

  37. John I would think that he would be a gay pedophile. Because there are pedophiles out there that are attracted to the opposite sex.

  38. Why do gay men love the church?

    I think (#1) because of the access to small boys (in the case of catholicism)...not saying all homosexuals are pedophiles, that couldn't be further from the truth. But children are gullible, you can tell them 'don't tell anybody about this or I'll kill your family' and they will believe it, thereby keeping their secret. I think another reason gay men are prevalent in church is they see it as a means of acceptance for them among their community (that or a cover up as I've seen occur many times). The best way to accept something or at least become comfortable with it is to immerse yourself in that culture...after awhile it becomes the norm.

  39. But Epitome if they're looking to access to young boys, then why not hang out at Chuck E Cheese or the mall?!?

  40. If you see a guy with no kids by himself at chuck e cheese what would you think?

    "CHESTER MOLESTOR!!!!!" Least I know I would.

    At the mall there isn't. Any real accessibility to small children they can manipulate. Generally there are teenagers who knows the stuff they are trying to put off as a game is most certainly not. Not to mention preteens and teens think they know everything and have an invincibility factor about them so threatening them or their family is not an effective means to get what you want out of them. a church one is trusted, they don't expect their trusted religious leader todo something so heinous. Even though people see this happening over and over again they still think "noooo, not my pastor, priest, deacon, etc"

  41. If I saw a guy with no kids at Chuck E Cheese, I guess I'd be looking for my baseball bat.

    You're right.

    At church they're thinking everything is all good and the next thing you know Bishop Rev Eddie Love you long time comes around and ambushes your boy's booty!!!

    You're right.

  42. This is a damn good post man.... As usual.... You are right; I am going to write about this topic as is every other blogger and their Aunties, but you said what I was not going to.

  43. Dirty Red I come here to have a good time; even if sometimes that's at someone else's expense.

    Man the hell with it, I'm gonna write another blog about this shit!!!

  44. see my thing is that u have to be careful who u choose 2 follow behind. Pastors, Teachers, and child care providers are all in it 4 the money these days. There programs that they get in that don't require passion it just requires on-line schooling or their time. You have to look a their tendencies. I'm not saying that you should judge a book by it's cover....but u said it earlier look at his pelt. Sometimes our eyes are telling the absolute truth smh.

  45. It's the mindless cattle that gets me Champ. They act as if they are blind or deaf; when if they allowed their senses to serve them well reality would be smacking them clear in the face.

    When we place people like this on a pedastal, we end up deserving everything we got.

  46. I agree with you 100%. Reggie, have you seen the youtube video of him "crossing it up?" OMG, you have to see this video. Seems he doesn't have to go to Chuck E Cheese. He's in the pulpit hollering..." where my lil sporty at...where all my YOUNG PEOPLE at?"
    It sounds like a lil Wayne concert.

  47. That shit was disturbing Bayou Creole. I realize that there are many movements afoot to bring our young back into the churches but.....

    That was a bit much......

  48. hipocracy lives in all houses at some time or another... even in gods.

    i dont go to church... and the churches i HAVE gone to didnt have choirs... or if they did it was two old ladies and a piano... all of which were out of tune.

    i dont know anything about this story... but from what i have read here... eddie long sounds like a douche.

    whether he is gay or not makes no difference to me... what i take issue with is the hipocracy.

    but honestly... people do that shit every day... pretend to be things that they really arent to save face in public.

    its silly... especially in the case of men of the cloth... IF one believes in GOD... as im sure mr long professes to do as he is a reverend or whatever... then said "one" should logically be remember that GOD SEES EVERYTHING! so they aint foolin nobody!

  49. This guy seems like a shill to me Michelle. I honestly don't know his story either. But my father used to always say if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck; then it's probably a damned duck, not a chicken.

  50. lol@ the title of this entry. When I was 10, my mom used to always forbid me from going to the choir directors house for his friday night sleepovers, when all the other boys in the choir were able to go, every week. My mom was perceptive, and wise. It was revealed a few years later the choir director was messing around with some of them.

  51. Ya know Daij, I don't understand why anyone would have thought that it would be a good idea for a bunch of boys to go over any man's house for the night. My mother wouldn't have let me go either.

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