Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gay men love the church like a fat kid loves cake Part II; or better yet, Eddie's pelt!!!

God knows that far too many of us have certainly beaten this story of Bishop Eddie "love you long time" Long to death. Particularly since it's such an awful story that speaks to the lowest levels of human nature. I'd like to say that I'm tired of trotting this story out for yet another laugh; but that just wouldn't be true. But perhaps by focusing on Eddie's apparent predatory nature, we're possibly missing out on an important aspect of this whole story that far too few people are paying attention to.
Why does God's representative here on Earth need to wear a pelt in the pulpit?!? Does it keep his pointed head warm?!?
I mean after all, that is most certainly a pelt on his head. The only thing it's missing is a chin strap. Why would he need to wear that in the pulpit?!? Yeah I know what you're thinking......."Reggie why kick a man when he's down?!?" But.........why not?!?
Maybe in this picture below he's attempting to get an endorsement deal with
I understand that many of you are reserving your judgement for the time when Bishop Long finally admits to doing this shit. Well if that's your stance, you're certainly a better person than me. Perhaps you're not offended by this man's obvious unnatural desires, betrayal of trust, that pelt he's been wearing in the pulpit, his predatory nature or total disregard for what he's supposed to stand for? What will it take for us as a community to stop turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to people like this?!? I mean the only thing he's missing in these pictures are nipple rings. But who knows, maybe they're under those tight ass shirts he wears?!?


  1. The only cure for pedophilia I know that's certain is a good strong rope and a tall oak tree.

    This motherfucker needs a treatment!!!

  2. Bishop Don Eddie Long Stroke ain't nothing but a low-down dirty monkey with a wig on (I see you NeNe). How you gonna come to church with your wife's coat on and a Ipad? Boy stop.

    *Real Talk Time*
    Just to clear up some technical aspects of this foolishness. This not a gay situation [dealing with two consenting adults] or a pedophile scenario [an old dirty bastard with prepubescent children, under age 13, of either sex], this is religious pederasty (just let all of that marinate).

    Pederasty is the sexual relationship between an old ass man and adolescent boys from the ages of 13 to early 20's. As a sexual paraphilia this is called ephebophilia, an adult being attracted to those in mid/late adolescence--ages 14 to 20. R. Kelly is probably the most famous ephebophile, but that was before Eddie Long Stroke got his wig snatched! Most of this foolishness gets condensed under pedophilia, but there are noted distinctions and differences. Also, most pedophiles identify as heterosexual as their sexual attractions are based on a child's age regardless of gender. They are usually married fathers and their own daughters are the most likely target.

  3. ICeeDedPpl it's been said that if you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.

    I say all that to say no matter what Bishop Long's problem truly is........we should hang the bastard!!!

  4. This new birth war cry he's our pastor and can't do no wrong is making me sick as hell. Some claim it's because Long brought many of his "followers" to Christ. So, their allegiance is with him.

    What about Christ?

    That wig wearing mofo!

  5. Roschelle I used to work with this woman who was married to a pastor. She didn't call him by his first name whenenever she spoke of him, she called him pastor. Whenever she spoke of herself in relation to him, she called herself "the first lady". I used to laugh at her when she did that. Of course, she used to get mad at me. She thought I was disrespectful, I thought that she was a goddamned fool.

    I guess that's what you'd call perspective.

  6. But what was the Age of Consent where the boys were purportedly abused?
    He may still be gay but not a pedophile.

  7. John I'd call him a gay pedophile.

    All the clear pseudo-sexual distinctions aside, he's just another sick twisted fuck to me.

  8. Fools to the left of me, fools to the right of me, fools to the back of me and fools to the front of me. That's what Eddie Long was thinking this morning when he was in the pulpit being cheered by those idiots at his church.

    Did you know Eddie Long used to be a used car salesman? Lol No joke.

    After seeing those people cheer Long today I'm sure, as I said in my post on this last week, that he will remain in the pulpit and those people will continue to give them their money no matter how this turns out.

    Fools get what they deserve I suppose.

  9. He's still selling those used cars Val. He's just doing it in that pulpit is all. His commission has greatly improved I'm sure.

    It's true what they say. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  10. They stand at the pulpit and severely condemn that very same thing which they are hiding behind the pulpit to do!

  11. my X belongs to a church (the church i was also a member of for a short time - too damn long actually). he wants to be a baller but instead is a butterball. ALL the members refer to him as "pastor". "pastor" said this. "pastor" said that. "pastor" wants us to thus and so.

    it's always kind of comical every february. the entire congregation goes on a 21 or so day fast. no meat, few veggies, lots of water and fruit. EVERYBODY in the church loses a noticeable amount of weight with the exception of one person. wanna guess?


  12. My cousin works for THE Dallas Pastor, Bishop, whatever...
    I call the guy "Pastor (so-and-so)" but I can't even make mouth call his wife "First Lady".
    Beotch please..., I don't even go to your church!

  13. Hey Roschelle maybe "pastor" has to keep his strength up. It takes a lot of work to be a hypocrite!!!

  14. Ain't it silly and funny all at the same time John?!?

  15. Reggie, I have to say. I have tried my hardest to stray away from this thing, but Bishop Eddie Long is not making this any harder than what it is. There is a time and a place to be arrogant. For that sermon that Eddie Long put on and his holding out for weeks after the allegations, that was not the time nor the place. You are right. Homosexuals love that church. You know that at times it is that guy singer in the church and the male church choir leader ( times) have those tendecies.

  16. Proud of you for not being "snowed" like his congregation apparently is, Reg.

  17. @ICeeDedPpl: Any way you say it the Bishop is still in the wrong. He may not technically be a 'pedophile' but he is using his authority to 'lure' his victims into his web of deception.

    ephebophilia may be what it is called when a man is attracted the those between the ages of 13 and 20, but the fact that he use his authority as a vehicle to gain the trust, and also to gain access to these boys makes it very wrong.

    @UBJ: I hear what you are saying about the 'age of consent laws' regarding the legality of sexual relations between two consenting people. It is a fact that in the majority of states the age of consent is 16 years old. So an adult of any age can actually have consensual sex with a person 16 years old or older. So really then a person is not a pedophile, or doing anything illegal. It might be looked on by some as immoral or whatever but in reality the person is doing nothing wrong

    That being said, many, if not most states also have exceptions to the rule. And the first exception is ALWAYS that when it comes to a person in a position of authority over another that the age of consent is then 18 years old.

    A person of authority would be a pastor, a teacher, a police officer, a therapist, etc.

    So in the case of the Bishop he is still in the wrong even if the age of consent is say 16 years old because he is in a position of power over the boys in question here.

  18. You are completely wrong, wrong, WRONG!

    If he had nipple rings, we'd be able to see thime thru his EXTREMELY TIGHT shirts...

  19. Smoking Ace I am from the south, so I can tell you that I have been to church more times than there are leaves on a tree. In every single church that I ever set foot in, there were sugarfoots in the choir, playing the piano, in the pulpit or sitting with the deacons.

    I don't hate, I just know they're there.

    It is what it is.

  20. Heff I walk around with my eyes and ears and nose wide open. That way I can see, hear and smell the bullshit!!!

  21. Solomon I don't care what these people are called. I just want to see them all hang, stoning too good for them.

  22. EMarie I'm sure you're right. Maybe it's his scrotum pierced and not his nipples?!?

  23. "Sugarfoots".. I've not heard that term before. Is that a southern thing? Wait a aren't suggesting that "Sugarfoot" Bonner (Ohio Players guitarist/singer whos does the "AWWWW" lines) is suspect? LOL

  24. Nah Shady Grady, not at all. Of course the term is derogatory and normally I wouldn't use a term like that to describe anyone.

    I actually got that from my wife, don't anybody.

  25. I had about 3 posts that I sat on about my misgivings concerning this "Bishop". I watched him every Sunday, casting his spell over his congregants and I watched him become more and more disgusted by his congregants. He would always drop nasty words and nasty attitude. It was so obvious. I was ready to post about it, but then this thing blew up and my observations are moot now.
    I hated how he flaunted himself in the pulpit, I hated how he did alters calls for the young people to call him daddy, I hated his ugly muscle shirts, and especially that stupid rug on his head! What's that for, Bishop?
    He has a mesmerizing effect on those young people! Cultish!
    Im speaking truth blog breaks this whole thing down very well. He's an ex-Eddie Long "sheeple"

  26. Anna Renee I've always been concerned when I hear young people or people my age go on and on about a minister. Hey I did it as a teenager, my uncle was a tremendous preacher and he left me in wonder many a Sunday afternoon or all week long during Camp Meeting. My uncle was a good man, but I've seen men like Eddie Long all too often.

    Eventually someone like him will bring the church down.

  27. i think its a lovely pelt reggie... lol.

    youre a mess! who the hell cares if he wears a wig? lol oh ya... you do cuz its funny. :) fair enough then.

  28. Michelle he seriously needs to take that shit off his head and throw it in the trash!!!