Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Jewish question

While I consider myself an educated person, I've never quite understood my country's Middle Eastern foreign policy.  Ever since I can remember and certainly ever since I've been alive the Middle East has been dominated by Israel. Whether it's an acknowledged fact or not, the simple truth is that there is only one nuclear power in the Middle East and that's not Iran or Iraq or Kuwait or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Syria.  That lone nuclear power is Israel.

How come they're not due one of those long winded futile lectures from the UN and economic sanctions for possessing weapons of mass destruction?!?  Is it because they don't admit it?!?

Why is it that politically in this country we seem to favor the Jews rather than the Arabs?!?
(and while we're at it, let's pretend that this is not so)
It's no secret that Arabs and Jews for the most part, have no love for one another.  Or should we sit here and pretend that's not so too?!?

If there's one emotion that I can completely understand it's hate.  Hate actually makes sense at times. People all over the world seem to hate the people that live right next to them and often look like them; if for no other reason than they're just different. Hate gives us an opportunity to focus our energies in a way that few emotions allow.  The world is, has always been and will always be filled with people that hate one another simply because they're different.
I can't hate on the Jews, after all they get to wear those really cool hats; and truth be told, I'm partial to gribenes and matzoh balls.

Most Jews hate Arabs and most Arabs hate Jews......I mean right?!?  Hating each other is both the new and old black.  This reality hasn't changed since Hector was a pup and it's not changing anytime soon.  Why do so many people pretend that these aren't facts?!?
Why do they hate each other?!?

 They hate each other because of two basic reasons; religion and the one thing that no one's making anymore  They covet the same land.  For hundreds and hundreds of years, they fought for and died for that land. The Chosen people fought anyone and everyone and yet eventually they were defeated. So more than a thousand years ago large numbers of the Jews migrated out of the area, leaving a majority Arab population.  So for 1,000 years or more the so called Chosen people spread throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.  Of course thousands stayed behind, but those people learned to live in Palestine (yeah that's what everyone else called it) as a so called minority.

Of course during World War II everyone's favorite insane Nazi, Adolph Hitler, made it his business to exterminate  as many Jews as he could.  Why really isn't important to me.  When crazy motherfuckers do crazy shit........does it really matter why?!? Does the homeless man on the subway that's clucking like a chicken really need to explain himself?!? Well suffice it to say, that crazy bastard sent millions of Jews to their deaths in concentration camps throughout Europe.  It's no secret that when this was occurring, it really wasn't the best kept secret in the world.  The major governments of the world were aware that "something" was happening to the Jews in Europe.  To say they didn't know what was going on......would be a lie. If the Germans had been as meticulous as Stalin at killing folks, there probably wouldn't be any Jews left in Europe today.  Now Stalin, he was a man focused on killing those people that he hated or had no need for....but that's another blog entry. It's also not a secret that while Jews around the world sought refuge from the deprivations of the Nazis, not too many nations seemed to be particularly interested in taking them in. It was only during the later part of World War II, when the allied armies rolled forward and retook the lands conquered by the German war machine; and these so called concentration camps were liberated "with cameras present" that the world's "civilized" governments stepped forward to be shocked and saddened by the viciousness and barbarism of the Hun.  But of course that didn't really occur until the light was shined on this so called Holocaust.
Shortly after World War II ended, Jews relocated by the tens and hundreds of thousands to Palestine and in 1948 declared themselves masters of the newly created Israel.  Now it's not as if that land didn't belong to somebody.  It would be as if Native Americans rode into modern day Manhattan and declared it "Man who walks with a fat sack land".
The way I see it, life's just too short to extend all my energies hating someone that I've never met before.  So I'm the type of person that believes in a "live and let live" mentality.  But truth be told, in all likelihood if I were born a Jew, I'd probably hate Arabs; and if I were born an Arab, I'd probably hate Jews. It is what it is I suppose.
Ahhhhh yes, the evil Arab.
Why does he hate us?!? Why does he fight us?!?
Is it because we love freedom and they don't?!?
Is it because they think that all women should wear those beekeeper suits and all men should have beards long enough to hide their nuts?!?
Is it because his religion teaches him to hate us?!?
That could possibly be it........
But maybe he also fights and hates us because we're his enemies best friend?!?
The friend of my enemy is my enemy.  That and the fact that we have been embroiled in their politics for more than a 100 years now.
Even if they forgave all us Christians for forever screwing around in their politics and the crusades and for being "infidels"(funny huh), it's not likely that they'll be forgetting our meddling anytime soon.
Why have we taken sides as a nation in a spat between the Jews and the Arabs?!?

Is the reason biblical?!?

Is it because the Jews are the so called Chosen people?!?

I wouldn't mind being chosen to go on vacation or to win the I understand the appeal of being chosen.
One of my earliest memories as a child that I can remember where Israel and it's Arab neighbors are concerned was of watching helicopter gunships on NBC's Nightly News raining down missile and bullets on Arab civilians because they were throwing stones at Israeli troops.

Missiles and bullets........for rocks and stones?!? Really?!?

And yet, no one seems to called the Chosen people barbaric. Far from it, they'll defend their tactics and rationale for murdering innocent civilians all day long.

No one seems to call the Jews barbaric when they assassinate "terrorists" with bombs and missiles while their families are there to be served up as collateral damage.
Will there ever come a time when the deaths of Arab children anger people in this country the way that the deaths of Jewish children do?!?
We get oil from the Arabs and nothing from the Jews.  Then why is it that we're allied with the Jews and not the Arabs?!?


  1. not everyone hates Arabs. it's a stereotype and when people believe it they go around convincing everyone else that it is true. not all Jews hate Arabs. not all Arabs hate Jews. and when it comes to the Bible...God had a chosen people, the descendants of Abraham through the line of Isaac. and while i am not going to go into all that entails...i will say this...God blessed Ishmael too. Biblically speaking the only difference is that God had ordained the birth of Isaac...He did not ordain the birth of Ishmael, Ishmael was born due to the choices of human beings to "make something happen"...Isaac was born out of the obedience and faith of Sarah and Abraham...even though Sarah was too old to conceive...she conceived Isaac....He was the "child of promise" (a miracle) rather than a child that mankind chose to have (works of man). When God does something it is not by means of what we can plan or do on our own it is what God does (sometimes it does take our obedience...such as they had to believe God enough to have sex with each other...but He is the one that completes the promise (Sarah got pregnant even though she was barren). However, that doesn't mean that God doesn't love Arabs too. if that were the case...why in the world would He love "Gentiles", yet He does...the only way Gentiles (the rest of us) are even linked to Abraham at all is through their "faith" (faith like Abraham in believing God)...we believe the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ishamel was a descendant of Abraham and Abraham himself loved Ishmael...but it is common for siblings to fight over inheritances (sibling rivalry) and at that time in that region the first born son is the one that got the inheritance...since Isaac was the one God intended to be the first born son to Abraham...He was the first born son (aka a portrayal of Jesus)...However, by natural order because of the choices Sarah and Abraham made by taking God's promise and trying to force it to happen their own way...Ishmael was physically the first born really if you thought in terms of physical and rejected the spiritual aspect of God's plan and will...Ishmael would deserve the inheritance..."the (physical) land"...but in the eyes of God...Israel was the first born of promise, and therefore deserved the inheritance. just in case you are already annoyed by me sharing this with you (which i only did because you mentioned the biblical reasoning over the fighting between the two) i will not go into it further. but it is interesting to study if you ever have the chance to read through some of the texts in the Bible about the inheritance and why it was given to Isaac. in all honesty i wish the two wouldn't fight. and i don't think personally that when the Angel of God went out into the desert to bless Ishamel...that He was "cursing him" when He said that he would be constantly striving with man...i think He was stating a fact...He already knew what would happen. it happens everytime someone gets jealous of someone happens everytime someone gets what they think they deserved. anyways, i hope you have a great day.

  2. Just a few minor quibbles. Even if we assume that today's Jewish people are the direct descendants of a semi-mythical people described in the Torah and Bible and I don' wasn't the Arabs who kicked them out. It was Persians, Greeks and especially Romans.

    The Arabs didn't get to Palestine until around the 7th-8th century at which time they took over from the Byzantines.

    So it's not like there's been especial hatred between Arab and Jew for eons. It's mostly a modern phenomenon that comes out of increased Jewish immigration to Palestine under Ottoman and British Rule and even more so out of Jewish adoption of some of the nastier elements of 19th century "blood and soil" ideologies then common in Europe, which were retrofitted to Zionism.

    While it is true that until recently many Arab citizens of Israel had more formal freedoms than some of their brethren in Arab led states it's also true that hardly any US Jewish defender of Israel would want to live in
    the US should the US explicitly make preferences for Caucasians and Christians and held all public land in trust for white Christian usage only-which is the law in Israel.

    Although each side would probably like to eliminate the other if it could, one side doesn't have the guns while the other has the guns but genocide and open ethnic cleansing have gone out of style. The idea that you should be able to kick someone off their land b/c some of your ancestors may have lived there 2500 years ago.. well... (shakes head)

    The only solution is a unitary state with equal rights for all. If South Africa of all places can live with that Israel can.

    As to why the US government supports Israel so much my comment is long enough already. I'll end by saying I think it's emotional identification with the idea of clearing the land of natives. Israel, like the US is a settler state.

  3. I remember getting engaged in deep arguments back in 2008 when Israel bombed the fuck out of Gaza killing a thousand+ people. Illegal as fuck and roundly condemned by world leaders and the UN but still people try to justify shit. When you get the "secular" upper hand they whip out the "religious" classic ...

    "but they are the chosen ones"

    chosen my back foot. oh the hypocrisy of it all is disgusting. each time I hear Obama, Sarkozy or who ever trumpet change in the middle east I visibly cringe

    The "Arab spring" effect is not done yet, the younger generation is restless for change and the Israelis had better watch out. Qaddafi and friends found out the hard way, you can only hold a people down for so long.

    one day for the thief ...

  4. Erica, your description of history is a Christian/Jewish point of view of history. The Arab/Muslim story of Abraham is slightly different. Their story doesn't depict Abraham as an adulterer which does makes sense since he was a pious and devoted servant of God.

    Shady, Palestinians or Philistines as the Arabs call them, were in what is now Israel before Moses led them out of Egypt. Recall the story of David vs the Philistine giant Goliath. We don't often make the connection because in English we call Philistines Palestinians.

  5. @ Spike - But that Judeo-Christian point of view is the reason we support Israel.
    Some cite the sons of Adam as the origin,
    some cite Abraham,
    others trace these problems back to Essau and Jacob... IDK

    But it all comes down to envy.
    One brother felt that he was slighted and sought revenge.
    I went through thois with cousins who were left out of my grandparents' wills.
    My cousins think that I cheated them and they do whatever they can to try to get back at me.
    I didn't make the wills, I only benefitted, but these cousins blame me because they didn't receive the same blessings.
    I think that most of those in the Middle East are somehow related (as most claim to be sons of Abraham) but that some feel as though they didn't get what they feel they deserved.

  6. Erika there is a distinct difference in what the good books says and how man actually acts.

    You may have noticed this before......

    And I do not believe that most Jews and most Arabs express any love lost for one another.

    Thank you for the sermon though. At least this time you didn't make reference to my sexual proclivities.

    Please do come again.

  7. Shady Grady there's a helluvalot more history to that region than you and I mentioned. History has always been my passion and I suppose I did take some liberties and shortcuts in defining what actually happened in the region.

    Between the Romans....who haven't existed as an empire for almost 1500 years and a host of other peoples have ruled there. Alexander ruled there too, not to mention the Turks or Ottomans.

    The point I was trying to make was that the land they moved into didn't belong to them. They basically claimed land that wasn't theirs. Kinda like Europeans did here, just like they've done once or twice there.

    Oh and like my cousin said, I believe they're the same people as well.

    ....and they believe that too.

  8. I feel the same way Chrome.

    It sickens me to see those people in Palestine oppressed. What happens in Gaza should make all people cringe. The Israelis try and play the role of the victim and yet they do that while lobbing missiles at innocent people in land that doesn't even belong to them. They try and look the victim, all the while building settlements in someone else's country.

    ...and yet they are the chosen people aren't they?

    I'd like to get chosen to go on a free two week cruise.

  9. Yeah but John if you inherited land from your grandfather, it belongs to you legally. It's not as if your cousins can legally move into your house after the fact and claim it as their own.

  10. If you sit back and think about all the wars this world has ever seen, most of them are primarily fought for religious reasons Beauty and Health Editor. The second most frequent reason would probably be greed.

  11. thank you all for reading my response. however i would clarify a few things. i wasn't taking a side at all in what i wrote...Reggie, you mentioned in your blog the biblical reasoning for the conflict between the Arabs and Jews and i was simply expressing what the Bible says about it. thank you for inviting me back...and yes, i am very aware of how people are...not only do i know from experience (many more experiences than you seem to give me credit for which is understandable since you don't know me personally...such as actually having known and/or befriending "Arabs" in the past some of whom were here in America in order to go to school and some that i just met...not all of them are angry a matter of fact none of the ones i met were) i also found that they do not hate Christ as much as others make it out to fact i have heard of and known many that believe He was a Prophet...they just don't believe He was the Son of God. my point is not to start trouble or argue with point is that i don't understand why we can't personally try to be reasonable and understanding with each other. we often talk about how horrible war is and the deaths of innocent people...but then we don't want to take the time to understand where each other are coming from...we don't take the time to have peace among ourselves.

    many people try to use excuses to hate the message of the Bible such as that it is filled with sin (such as adultery) but if you do ever really want to know the message of the Bible....God used people despite their sin...not in order to condone their sin. and God looks at the heart not at the appearance of things. the fact that He loves us enough to love us despite our sin is good news...since we all are sinners. the fact that He does not "condone" our sin is good news because 1. He will execute true justice for those that are oppressed and wrongfully treated (such as victims of various crimes)...though justice with mercy is more likely the way He will go...He doesn't want to utterly destroy people...He just wants them to stop oppressing and victimizing others. 2. we have hope for a future without oppression and without strife and without hate because He will not make us suffer under it forever.

  12. Hey John one of my friends once told me (interestingly enough he was a Jew) that where there's a will, there's relatives.

  13. I've never said that Arabs hated Christ Erika, they acknowledge his life. They just don't believe that he's the son of God.

    Me I don't hate anyone, it just takes too much effort.

    Man himself has proven to be a great hater of his neighbors. Jews hate Arabs. Arabs hate Jews. The French hate the English. The English hate the French. Indians hate Pakistanis. Germans hate the French. The Japanese hate the Chinese.....and on and on and on. It happens. There's no point in denying it or ignoring it. I guess it has something to do with nationalism, but a lot of it has to do with religion. People are forever going to war and they don't do it for love. They do it for warmongering hatred.

  14. and that is why Jesus taught us how to love. He wasn't just our Savior He wasn't just the Son of God...He was our example. We can be different if we believe in Him and allow Him to teach us and help us become different.

    Jesus healed the ear of a man that was about to escort him to his death and told his disciple that thosethat lived by the sword will die by the sword. (he taught with his words and his actions).

    Jesus loved and spoke to a woman at a well that his disciples themselves were appalled by...the Samaritan woman...because at the time the for the most part Jews hated Samaritans in the same manner you described above.

    I am not saying that people aren't like that most of the time (though i do know some that are not hateful towards the people that a certain nation would call it's enemy)...I am just saying Jesus came so that we could be that we could change (inside and out) that we could be a new creation.

    However, you are right as well...He also told us very clearly that this would be the way it would be..."nation will rise against nation" etc...

    I am not denying the way it is...i am just suggesting that the gospel (good news) is that if we believe in Jesus Christ...we (those that believe) can be transformed by the renewing of our minds and He (not ourselves) can cleanse us from our sins, both inward sins and outward sins, such as hatred and the actions of doing wrong towards others in various ways on purpose.

    that is what makes Him different from "other religions" that is what makes me know He is real on a daily basis.

    He showed love to a world that seldom understands what love even is.

  15. Reggie, there is a great book titled "The Case against Israel" by Michael Neumann which you or your readers may want to pick up if you haven't read it already. It breaks all the arguments down.

  16. Erika its too bad that the world doesn't live by that way of thinking of "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God". It's futile to even wish it were so.

  17. It's interesting that you "quibbled" over my shortcut on explaining what happened in the thousand years up to the formation of Israel. I recently read Joel Rosenberg's "The Twelfth Imam" and he goes into the difference between Persians and Arabs in his book. I honestly didn't put a lot of thought into making that distinction myself.

  18. ...not quibbling...just know that some people can't stand to be put in boxes or harm to you was intended.

    i honestly wish i knew it all....but i know i don't:)

    i would love to hear more of what you have read and know.

    concerning your comment "it's too bad the world doesn't live by that way of thinking of 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God'. It's futile to even wish it were so."

    futile - useless, pointless, fruitless.

    I believe that is at least one of Jesus' point in saying every single thing He said. and Jesus life proved to be fruitful.

    when i say if we...i am really not referring to "we" in the since of the whole world....i was referring to "we" as individuals.

    you may be right in saying that it is futile to believe the whole world will ever become what God wants to make us (disciples, followers and imitators of Christ)
    but i believe it is up to us to have faith in Christ and what He said enough to believe He can still do and will do the same works in us that the Bible says He did all those many years ago for those people. We know and talk about how He healed people physically in many churches...but sometimes it is never mentioned that when His disciples followed Him...some of them struggled with who He was (even though He was healing people right in front of them)...but He was also healing people on the inside...His disciples were raised to hate Samaritans...but then Jesus, there "Master" was out talking with a Samaritan, Jesus explained to them why by telling them the "parable" about the man that was injured very badly on the side of the road...the "priest" walked past on the other side of the road in order to keep himself from being "defiled" by the injured man because they had become so legalistic with the Law of God that they convinced themselves that they were serving God by "keeping themselves clean" rather than realizing that God would much ratherthem show mercy to an injured man then to have clean garments Jesus says that a Samaritan walking by saw the man on the side ofthe road and "immediately" went to help him out...used his resources (money) to put him up in an inn and had paid the innkeeper to take care of him. the Samaritan had used his resources and his time to do somethng for someone of Jewish decent (their enemy)...and Jesus used this parable to teach the disciples to respond the way the Samaritan did (in love and willingly/immediately) instead of responding the way the priest did too worried about himself to help someone else out(in this case...he was a priest, so his own "righteousness" and "holiness" and "cleanliness" is what mattered to him so he wasn't willing to help the other person out).

    i think it takes faith for me to say it and believe it, just like it did when people believed in Him enough to go up to him and touch his garment to be healed, but i do believe He can and will do all that He said He could and would...and that the New Heaven and New Earth is something to look forward to not just a story to read.

    hope is the evidence of things not seen.

  19. I wish that people would truly live by the words of would be wonderful. The world would certainly be a better place.

    But my great grandmother used to say something that I've never forgotten. She said "wish in one hand, shit in another and see which one gets filled up the quickest".

  20. Preach Brother Preach....

    I have asked this same question over and over again.. I don't understand this either. But if you look at it; Jews control Hollywood, the jewelry business and they have a solid foothold in our countries politricks...Could this be the reason that most Americans are so far up their asses that the word "kosher" takes on a whole new meaning? HMMMMM....

  21. True....

    But why is it that people seem to either be offended or act like they've got their heads up their asses when these facts are pointed out Dirty Red? It's like when women have accused me of being sexually superior.....I don't get mad. It is what it is.

  22. Whew...I feel like I was just entrenched in a history
    My husband is the history/religion buff in the family. Me, not so much.
    Ok, I just gotta does one become "sexually superior?" Never mind...I just remembered when a dude told me something like that.

  23. That's a good question BayouCreole. I didn't even realize that I was sexually superior until I was a teenager and I was taking a bath one day............

    ........the rest is history.

    It is what it is.

  24. I just skimmed this article and its full of errors.

    1. Their hatred for the western world has NOTHING to do with the crusades. That's a classic error and assumption that any historian will tell you is FALSE. Also, anyone who knows anything of history knows that the islamic world started the conflict by trying to conquer the entire eastern world.

    2. Do you know how many times the quran calls for muslims to kill people who don't believe in their faith? look it up, its amazing.

    3. Just do a youtube search for videos of current leaders in the muslim world who are calling for "death to the jew", "death to america" etc... its astounding.

    4. Palestine was never a country...

    This is just the surface. The fact is simple.... Any Muslim that will not denounce sharia law is not peaceful. And there will never be peace when all they want to do is drive them into the sea. Islam is not a peaceful religion, never has been... FACT.

  25. Yeah I know, it's amazing the hatred that is meted out for religious purposes.

    Regardless of all of that, Israel continues to occupy land that doesn't belong to them. What they're doing is tantamount to Mexicans moving into Texas and declaring it theirs simply because Mexicans live there. Or the Germans justification for occupying lands taken away from them at the end of WWI.

    That part of the world has been conquered and reconquered time and again, that doesn't have anything to do with Islam though. That's about greed and the ruthlessness of men.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to come to my blog though. Please come again.

  26. 'Recall the story of David vs the Philistine giant Goliath. We don't often make the connection because in English we call Philistines Palestinians'

    A bit of a debate here but as a historian concerned for over 40 years with the history in this region you are wrong on the philistine aspect.

    The Philistines where an Agean Boat people from Cyprus or greece they where not Arabs or even Semites.

    Facts need to be searched for I have searched for them most of my life and apply strict standards to my work.

    The above view is the view held by most historians today.

    The internet does not always yield the truth if we are to resolve todays tensions and conflicts we must be honest in our endevours to find truth in an unbiased and manner many assume that the philistines are decendants of todays palestinians assumption is however not honest nor is it truth.

    The thing is that we learn from the past and use that learning to create a better future for all.

    In educated unbiased non-political English circles and academia we do not call philistines palistinians.

    Historically wether some like it or not their is currently no evidence to support the historical existance of a palestinian state or a distict palestinian people.
    This is simply fact.

  27. 'Their hatred for the western world has NOTHING to do with the crusades. That's a classic error and assumption'

    From a historical perpective most Muslims at the time of the crusades would not have even heard of them.
    Such was the historical significance of them in terms of conflict the crusades where a small skirmish.
    And yes they are used as an excuse but many use historical excuses for todays slaughter genocide and barbarity not Just Muslim extremists.
    Todays conflict in the middle east is about hurt pride plain and simple The Jews where threatened responded and won against all odds and this does not go down well with Muslim pride.
    Many have lost wars and land in wars The Arab world needs to get over it and move on for the sake of its people.
    We are all tribal and have a penchant at times for violence but its time to evolve.
    Its time to give our Kids a break and to stop this hatred from moving from generation to generation.
    Your team won great they lost so what are we to go back and fight all our past wars over and over again?
    We all have and every nation has their dark parts of the past its time to grow up and move on.
    denying your enemies historical existance or the right to exist will not bring peace to anyone.
    The Jews are in their homeland and yes Jerusalem is their Capital and always has been do the palestinians really want to build their new homeland on genocide and a lie?
    tough to chew on but historical fact accept it.

  28. One of my earliest memories as a child that I can remember where Israel and it's Arab neighbors are concerned was of watching helicopter gunships on NBC's Nightly News raining down missile and bullets on Arab civilians because they were throwing stones at Israeli troops.

    funny i remember Arabs bombing Jewish farms from the Golan Heights or blowing up synagogues,Buses,resteraunts and discos full of kids and killing olympic contestants.
    the mind is a funny thing.

  29. Thank you for stopping by Benjamin and providing yet another perspective.

  30. ''there is a great book titled "The Case against Israel" by Michael Neumann which you or your readers may want to pick up if you haven't read it already''

    Or alternatively why bother with books written for one viewpoint why not do the research yourself and find the unbiased truth?

  31. ''If you sit back and think about all the wars this world has ever seen, most of them are primarily fought for religious reasons''

    WW1,WW2,Vietnam,Korea, not to mention The communist genocide of millions in the 20th century.

    Most wars are fough for land,power,greed and a multitude of reasons to blaim religion for all wars is a tad to easy and if you really think about its not really true is it if one is being honest?

  32. Unbiased truth? Is there really such a thing Anonymous?

  33. I didn't blame religion for all wars, I'm just saying that its probably the reason most have been fought. I would say that greed is probably second.

    Thanks for stopping by though.

  34. Some people were put off by this post, I'm glad to see that someone got the humor in it.