Monday, February 1, 2010

I'll have a two piece white.......

Last night I did something that I rarely ever do. I actually sat and watched the Grammys. When I tell you that I rarely watch the Grammys; the last time I actually watched the Grammys, Michael Jackson was singing Billie Jean and moonwalking during the show. Yes, it had been awhile. Then again, even though I have digital cable, I didn't feel as though I had much of a choice. It was either the Grammys, a lame college basketball game, The Pro Bowl or reruns of Reno 911.
I enjoyed the show, I'm not entirely sure why I stopped watching these types of shows. I honestly enjoyed most of the performances and I really enjoyed seeing Stephen Colbert actually get a Grammy of his own. Of course the minute I saw Wyclef onstage, I immediately thought of the plight of the Haitians and all those displaced people and all those Haitian orphans. Of course then, the minute I thought of underage orphans I thought of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. I'm sure R. Kelly would love to pee on all the little Haitian girls; and no doubt, Michael Jackson would have wanted to bring all the little boys to Neverland, so he could play with them and give them some "Jesus juice". That Mike was a special kind of guy. I wonder how many Haitian boys Michael would have wanted to adopt? None probably, because they all look like he did when he was a little boy and we all know that he's not exactly enamored with that particular look. But Robert, I'm sure he wouldn't have cared, he looks like an equal opportunity golden shower man to me.
Speaking of Michael, I wonder how Michael Jackson ordered his children?!? Because clearly, those children don't have an ounce of Jackson blood in them. I guess I could be wrong....maybe they had their facial reconstructive surgery at an early age?!? When I order my lunch, I know what I want; I'll usually get a two piece white with a biscuit or a cheeseburger with some fries.
Maybe when Michael Jackson ordered his children he said that he wanted a two piece white, with a side order of small noses and straight hair?!?
I just wonder just how much someone must hate what they see in the mirror to want children that look nothing like them?!? I'd ask him myself, but I don't think he can hear me.


  1. You know I haven't watch any of those award shows in two decades,I just can't stomach the fluff!If truth be told MJ and R.Kelly were and are not walking alone in the Black community with jackedup images of themselves.I cringe when I see women with fake hair and think they look like the best thing since slice bread.Or when I see people wearing contact lens colored,blue,green and so on.What I'll never understand is after all of the things we have been through as a people for the pass 100 years why we keep trying to look and act like white people, who could care less how close we come to looking and acting like them.As far as they are concern you still a nigger1

  2. Well damn Big Mac, I see you chose to be even more politically incorrect than me today. It was bad enough that I wrote this blog........but your comment. But I'm gonna forgive you for that; after all, you're probably a Steelers fan and since I'm a Steelers fan, you're alright by me.

    Women have been wearing contact lens and "extra hair" for as long as I can remember. I don't hate on most of the styles because we all have to find our own uniqueness I guess. Besides, whether it's actually their hair or not it really doesn't matter, provided they've got the receipt.

  3. It's amazing how some people show their internalized oppression isn't it. Michael was unique in how he showed his. First all of the surgery and then through his children.

  4. He had some issues Val.

    I loved his music. Just like everyone else, I was completely awed by the king of pop in the early and mid 80s. There was a time when he seemed to clearly be the most gifted performer of all time; and to this day I can't honestly say that he wasn't. As much as he was beloved the world over, I wonder just what Michael actually thought when he looked at the man in his mirror. As much as I was moved by his music; I must admit that I was rather disturbed by the man himself. As a man of color, I really didn't understand him. Just how much must someone really and truly hate what they see in the mirror, to completely change their appearence?!? How does one go from looking like a man of color to looking like a sickly old Caucasian woman?!? From all appearances, he must have bleached the skin on his entire body and whittled his once prominent nose down to the size of a chickpea.

    This opinion isn't particularly popular these days and I've spoken to more than a few people that don't agree with my view. But to be blunt and honest, he was just as weird and troubled as he was talented

  5. Undercover Raven's fan Reggie,I walk on eggshells during footbal season! Raised in Baltimore,just can't get the city out of my system.

  6. I respect you for that BigMac. Now I understand the pain of your post in my last blog when I called Ray Lewis out for fathering so many children that he was trying to be George Washington, the father of our country.....and shit.

  7. brother reggie,
    I think we need to be honest here. beyond individuality, the black community is mimicking the white community.This general entropy happens whenever two races in any category, who have an unequal relationship, share the same sociopolitical space.
    It is not an individual issue, and to see it as such is to deny truth.

  8. I don't watch the Grammy's, either. I DID, however, see the infamous "Kanye interruption" on the VMA's. THAT night, I had the channel on and never changed it because I was surfing the net. Anyway, for the most part, The show was OK. I only watched it to see the MJ tribute. I gotta say, though, Those kids got up there and spoke better than some GROWN folks when THEY win awards. You can tell Michael taught em' well. And While they may not be his BIOLOGICALLY, they're his (or WERE) legally.

    And you betta leave THE PIED PISSY PIPER ALONE, GOT DAMMIT!! *Snickering*

  9. Brother MK, I'm not denying the truth. I want to be as truthful as possible. But I also believe that many people in our community aren't particularly truthful when they view the man himself. Any thinking person could look and listen to Michael Jackson speak and notice that there was something wrong with the brother. When I was a little boy, he was darker than me and his nose was twice as big as mine. When I was in college miraculously he turned into a Caucasian woman. I believe he had multiple issues and perhaps his overbearing father was one of those issues, but that don't explain all that shit. When have you ever heard a man voice the normality of sleeping with children that weren't his?!?

    The brother had some issues and I honestly don't believe that those are his biological children and for people to constantly pretend like they are isn't honest.

    I applaud anyone who wants to adopt a child and bring light into their lives, that's a wonderful something to me.

  10. I give you that Wizzy. I see nothing wrong with these two children being proud of who their father was and they should be. Earlier today my older brother Kyle told me that blood doesn't always determine family and he was speaking of a child that he considers his own. She considers him to be her father as well. I think that's beautiful.

    I know plenty of young women that have someone else's hair on their heads most days. To me it doesn't matter if it's human hair or if there is a bald headed horse running around in Central Park all in the name of their weave. As far as I'm concerned it's theirs as long as they've got the receipt.

    Now as far as the Pissing Pied Piper of R&B is concerned, that bastard ought to be peeing on someone in jail; and he should be sitting down to pee and washing his cellmates draws out in their sink. He's a sick motherfucker. But I admit, he's talented too. I stepped in the name of love just as much as any of the rest of you.

  11. LOL! I thought the same thing when looking at them. I was like, I don't see no MJ in there. B/C we all know that the black gene is the dominate gene, we should have seen some blackness in them kids.

    Like Grandma would say "mama's baby!, papa's maybe?"

  12. Were all entitled to our opinion, but why are you making a mockery of Michael Jackson's children knowing that they are grieving their fathers death. Who cares how they became his as long as it's legal. No offense, but the tone of this post makes me a little queasy.

  13. I've heard that he didn't want to pass on vitiligo to his children. I think if it's true he should have passed on his talent by fathering his own kids.

  14. you know... these things never even occur to me... i guess maybe because it doesnt matter to me?

    anyone who adopts a child can choose... cant they? did he have them (his kids) "made" in a lab?? *shrugs* either way... i barely care enough to leave a comment...

    PERSONALLY... i think MJ couldnt have children... and if one cannot have their own, and they want them desperately... they adopt.

    race is ALWAYS the issue with some folks... and with others it just ISNT.

    i would place my concern with whether or not the children would be cared for and loved properly over worrying about what colour their skin was.

    *and for the record*

    i have seen lots of mixed people who looked just as white as they do black... if they were up for adoption as children... who would you place them with if you had a choice between a white family and a black family? why should it matter? and what would you base your decision on?

  15. Michelle race shouldn't matter in the placement or rearing of a child,but come on my friend race is just as american as apple pie,don't bury your head in the sand pretending that race doesn't have anything to do with daily life in these united states!I often dreamed and wish the same as you for me to be judged on what I do and say,but reality always set in and it's race.

  16. I would venture to say that folks place their concern, since there is so much of it towards children who are unloved, unwanted, hungry and abused. Michaels children appear to be none of that so why they are even a topic of concern is beyond me.

  17. @Reggie,

    You forgot the "Coup de grace" - whether those kids are biologically his or not, he chose to have them from White women (fine, his choice) however he made sure that the "burden/responsibility to raise them" was handed to Black Women. Nice touch. Black women weren't good enough to birth his children but they are more than fine to raise them... SMH


  18. Folk this is certainly a case of "mama's baby, daddy's maybe (not)"; because those children don't look anything like a Jackson.

    But I'm pretty sure he was trying to avoid "blackness"; hell if he didn't want to do the deed himself he should have put Tito or Jermaine or Randy down on it. They need the money, he could have paid them to do the humping.

  19. I'm not making a mockery of those kids Kim and the only reason they're HIS kids is because he's got the receipt for them in his coffin.

    I don't want you to feel uncomfortable with this post Kim; but if you don't mind, I'm gonna have to call him out for being full of shit on being the biological father of these children.

  20. I have a friend with vitiligo Woodstock, who told me that she has used makeup to coverup her "blemishes"........her makeup is brown.

    Even though he has a particular spectacular talent, it doesn't mean his children will inherit it. Michael Jordan's son plays for the University of Illinois and he's a mediocre basketball player at best.

    I doubt very seriously if Blanket, Prince Michael or Paris could inherit any talent through they'll probably need to go to somebody's college anyway.

    To Kim's point, I don't mean to make a mockery of these children and their relationship with their father. Adoption is a beautiful thing and I know that there are millions of children in this world that just need to be loved because they don't have parents. All I'm saying is that it's not necessary to lie about this. Any fool with 20/20 vision can see these children aren't descended from anything named Jackson. Why not just come out and tell the truth?!? If I'm not mistaken Michael's own family has cried "bullshit" regarding this too.

    There is no embarrassment in saying that these children's biological parents don't look like Michael Jackson. I'm guessing their parent's noses are much smaller than Mike's and I'm willing to bet that their skin isn't quite as dark.

  21. Michelle you may be right. I personally believe that Michael Jackson wasn't interested in procreation in the sense that you or I are interested in it.

    I don't believe he was interested in women. I don't have a problem with that because I believe that my favorite singer of all time Luther wasn't interested in women either. I listen to Luther everyday and when I hear his music I'm constantly reminded that I probably should have named my son Luther because his music was most certainly playing when I made Reggie and his sister years ago.

    Michelle this isn't about race. That isn't my issue with Michael Jackson, but hey, let's talk about that. There are plenty of biracial people in my family. You may have noticed that my skin is more than a little fair and my eyes are hazel. There's a reason why. I embrace my heritage and I'm quite proud of it. My grandfather's eyes were blueish grey and his father was biracial. I don't have a problem with that and neither did he. He was uneducated and yet he had more common sense than most of the educated people I know. He's been dead for 12 years or so and yet I still find myself quoting him and I probably will til the day I die.

    I believe Michael Jackson hated what he saw when he looked in the mirror and I believe that fact had a significant impact on how he lived his life. His business..........period. I also believe that's why he wouldn't have fathered any children of his own; and so, I believe that when he selected a biological father for his children, that he picked someone with traits that didn't mirror his own.

    My opinion.

  22. BigMac I believe that I embrace the people that come to me regardless of whether they are white, black, Asian or plaid. I don't care. I judge people on how they treat me......but.......

    This bullshit about people NOT seeing race, is just that. Race, height, weight and gender is specifically how people are described.

    The other night when Chris Matthews said that he forgot that our president was black. I understand what he was trying to say......but it was bullshit too. I like Chris Matthews and I always will, but his overextended attempt at political correctness was just that.

    I have been a supervisor or manager in some form for the last twenty years and I can honestly say that I strive to hire the very best people regardless of their age, race, gender......or whatever. But I can't say that everyone else does that.

    If someone asked me what I thought of Michelle, I'd tell them that she is the salt of the earth and that she is one of the nicest people that I've ever met online. I've been fortunate enough to know her for a few years now and she is one of the few people that I've ever met online who actually has my cell number. I don't give it to everyone, but she has it. I would consider her to be a friend.....but sometimes.....she's like a deer in the headlights. She ain't got a clue, she's Canadian which means she's like a neutered dog...she just don't get it.

  23. Kim I'm happy those children are loved and they seem to be very well adjusted. I was impressed by the way in which they spoke, the scene had to be overwhelming at best.

    I'm sure he loved these children.......they're just not his children, unless he's got the receipt.

  24. Anon_Veritas I don't believe it's my place to tell anyone who to love. I have friends who like blondes, some like redheads and some like women with big butts. I'm a ( @ )( @ ) man myself. I ain't mad at Michael or Tiger and I doubt either one has a clue as to what the insides of a sister feels like. If Michael wanted a Caucasian woman to be the mother of his children......fine. If he chose to have a Caucasian woman as his life mate......fine. If he came out and said he was attracted to men but he wanted children of his own.......fine. If he said he molested those kids but he wanted children of his own.......then I hope he burns in hell!!! I just hate to hear the bullshit where he pretends these are his biological children, I put the line there.

  25. @Reggie,

    I don't care who they love either. That wasn't my point.Why heap the burden of raising these children on exactly the women that did not give birth to them, namely Black women. Exactly the women that he did not want to be the mother(s) of his children...

    In the case of MJ, for someone who appears to have had some deep-seated issues with his racial heritage, he had no problem with that heritage when it came time for someone to pull the heavy load. I have no respect for people who display such behavior.


  26. I'm sure there are a lot of men Anon_Veritas who don't want a woman of their own race, but are okay with their own mother helping them raise their child. I understand what you're saying.

    Mike was a contradiction in terms Anon_Veritas; for instance he was supposed to love kids......while he was loving kids.

  27. Reggie, i too believe that he didnt care much for what he saw when he looked in the mirror... but i dont think that stemmed from hating the look of brown skin... i think it stemmed from hating his father.

  28. BigmacInPittsburgh :)
    its funny you should say that, because a friend of mine and i were talking today about how different life appears to be in the united states... im canadian.

    i dont pretend that racism doesnt exist here in canada, im not that naive... however, i DO believe it is a much more prominant issue in everyday life where you live.

    i understand that... and whether i like it or not... i will take a page out of Reggie's book here and say "it is what it is"

    we live in different worlds... and look out different windows every day... at entirely different skies... i dont expect that we will always see things in the same light... but it is a bit of a comfort to think that one day we might... isnt it?

  29. lol... how dare you say i havent any hypothetical dog nuts reggie?

    but i do agree... i am a BIT naive about life and issues that affect black people in the USA... but i read,i ovserve, i listen, and i learn a little every day... and try to be a better me :)

    i think you are the salt of the earth too buddy, and im proud to call you friend!

  30. Anon_Veritas...

    what makes you see leaving those children to someone (regardless of who they were and what colour their skin was) as a burden?

    perhaps one womans burden is another womans blessing?

    i PERSONALLY experience much greater enjoyment watching my children grow and raising day to day than i experienced physically bringing them into the world!

    maybe MJ left those children to his mother simply because he thought she loved them the most and would do the best job raising them?

    I also think that maybe majority of the women who were closest to him and the children were women of colour... if you have to leave your children to someone... why not leave them with someone that THEY know and are comfortable with?

    *just my thoughts*

  31. Michelle read what you typed my Canadian friend...

    "Reggie, i too believe that he didnt care much for what he saw when he looked in the mirror... but i dont think that stemmed from hating the look of brown skin... i think it stemmed from hating his father."

    I've heard that, I don't buy it. It seems to me that he was embracing something else. Look at him, he completely changed his appearance and to me, he never looked like his father. He looked like he wanted to be a Caucasian Diana Ross to me. There is something very unhealthy about what he morphed into during the late 80s until he died. He looked weird and to me, he never looked anything like his father.

    I know men of color who hated their fathers and they didn't turn into an old white woman Michelle.

  32. Michelle if you could only walk a mile in my shoes, then maybe you'd understand. I do know you have a good understanding of racial injustice because of what you and your husband Julius endured during your courtship.

    But I want you to consider something. You and I are friends because of who and what we are; because of what we've seen and endured in this thing called like....this journey we've taken. It is what it is.

  33. yeah... i completely respect everything you have to say reggie... and since i will never be able to walk a mile in your shoes, i will believe what you tell me about how it is being you. i know you arent the type of man to spread lies, and why would you anyways? who am i? you know what i mean?

    but like i said to BigmacInPittsburgh, i know that we live in different worlds... and look out different windows every day... at entirely different skies... i dont expect that we will always see things in the same light... but it is a bit of a comfort to think that one day we might... for me anyways.


  34. oh yeah... and about michael jackson's transformation... i just cant explain... all i can do is speculate... and speculation is neither here nor there.

    i guess i just wish people would try to see the good in things rather than constantly focusing on some negativity.

    sometimes the glass really is half full... it just seems like its half empty.

  35. brother reggie,
    well speaking of michael jackson, lets be honests, the man had problems as a youth long before his face morphed.
    We need to accept that his problems were from the beginning, he had the unfortune of having money with those problems and thus, used his money to make the changes he saw fit. Though, I really see his problems as an example of an issue that is a macro issue.
    But, back to him, i think it goes without saying that michael jackson, wanted to be a child, he wanted innocence again.
    I think he saw his adulthood as a thing he wanted out of. And, that makes since to some grade, because he never had a real childhood. We all know this.

    As for his children, I can only see two options.
    First, they are not his biological kids and he made a very costly and private deal to put a white mans sperm in that white woman OR, he paid to have genetic manipulation done to some of his sperm, and got certain selections to occur.
    Second, his lifestyle, bleaching his skin and whatever else, mixed with having a white woman as the mother, caused for selection to go white.

    In brazil brother reggie, more than one instance of two black people having a white child have occured. It is possible it could have happened with michael jackson. I am not saying it did,that is why I mentioned the above, but it is possibe, albiet unlikely, they are natural.

  36. @Michelle,

    You said, "maybe MJ left those children to his mother simply because he thought she loved them the most and would do the best job raising them?"

    Perhaps that was exactly the reason, however, his mother will be 80 years old this year. It is a responsiblity and burden due to age to suddenly have responsibility for 3 young children (regardless of the money available). Let's face it, with her being 79 (turning 80 in May), it is highly unlikely that she will be there or be able to raise them to adulthood. Which means that Diana Ross would be called who will be 66 (if the reports are correct that she was named as a guardian). It was selfish of Michael to put such a responsibility on two such women given their age without even considering the other dynamics.

    Secondly, I will stand by my position that it does not speak well for MJ to have chosen women to birth his children that he could not entrust to raise them.


  37. Michelle there are people in this country and throughout the world that would perceive you differently when you're walking hand and hand down the street with your husband and when you're alone.

    I like to think that one day we'll live in a world like they live in on the show Star Trek; when difference races or species can live together and no one barely notices. Michelle make no doubt about it; when most people see you, they see a Caucasian woman. When most people see me they see a man of color. They don't see wit or charm or even gas, they see my brown face.

  38. Michelle you can't polish a turd, it is what it is. There is nothing "magical" about the transformation that Michael Jackson went through as an adult man. When he was a child, he was a dark brown child. When he grew up, he barely had a pigment. All that nonsense about vitiligo is just that, nonsense. He wasn't comfortable with himself, so he changed; but instead of metamorphasing like a butterfly, he turned into a freaking monster.

  39. Brother MK I hear you. I know that white can come from black; but black isn't supposed to come from white....seems like I remember that from a biology class somewhere down the line.

    But when I look at those kids; it's far likely that I'm their father and I don't even know their mother.

    As far as Michael Jackson and innocence is concerned.....I'll leave that one alone.

  40. Anonymous I must admit, you make some excellent points. Michael's mother is in her waning years and his sisters might be too damned crazy to raise his kids.

    There is such a slippery slope when one goes through the drive thru to order children.........I tell you.

  41. I love that you have no fear and speak what's on your mind. Not many people do that. I think that's why I love your blog so much.

    Michael freaked me out!

  42. Michael needs his ass kicked for bringing those children into his mess of a life. Every time I look at those kids, it breaks my heart. Aside from financial stability, children deserve a stable, loving, supportive environment - not a constant fucking freak-show! Poor things.

  43. Brother Reggie,
    the same biologist who wrote those books also said that black folk were not human, so....
    I agree, although micheal jackson at the time those kids were conceived far less melanined than you.
    As I said, if it isn't genetic, then he had another mans sperm.

    well, innocence and black are not historically joined in the united states anyway

  44. Thank you Eva.

    I realized a long time ago that the whole "opinions are like assholes thing" is absolutely true. When I blog, I'm not necessarily looking for a concensus. I understand that people will have various opinions and I'm hoping to hear at least a few. For whatever reason, people of color are very defensive of Michael Jackson. I've never understood why; because he didn't necessarily embrace his "blackness" and I sure as hell wouldn't let him babysit my kids. Personally, I think he's a goddamned abomination. There was nothing normal about him. He was probably the most talented entertainer of all time; yet, he was at best.......weird as hell!!!

    You're an excellent writer, by the way Eva, and I absolutely dig the way you write.

  45. CrackedStar I wouldn't wish Michael Jackson as a father on my worst enemy. There is far more to life than notoriety and money. That freak could have potentially scarred those children for various ways.

  46. Brother MK, I'm sure that's not the first time he's used another man's sperm........or maybe a boys?!?

  47. @Reggie,

    You said, "For whatever reason, people of color are very defensive of Michael Jackson. I've never understood why; because he didn't necessarily embrace his "blackness" and I sure as hell wouldn't let him babysit my kids. Personally, I think he's a goddamned abomination. There was nothing normal about him. He was probably the most talented entertainer of all time; yet, he was at best.......weird as hell!!!"

    My sentiments EXACTLY.


  48. Anon_Veritas I hate to speak ill of the dead......nah, I don't give a shit!!! He was a fucking freak!!!

  49. I for one do not see Michael Jackson as one of the most talented entertainers of all time. He was a great dancer and a phenom vocalist (when he was a child). His stage shows were full of special effects. I would give that title to someone like Sammy Davis Jr. before Michael, stage, screen, singing, dancing, comedy. Sammy did it without pyrotechnology, jumbotrons, 500 other dancers, etc. A lot of hype accompanied his stage show ,imo. Anyway, I never had any doubt whatsoever that Micheal Jackson molested children. He may not have molested all that accused him but, c'mon. His whole home life was geared toward drawing kids to him; classic pedophile profile. That innocent act like he was so stupid about the appropriateness of allowing children to sleep in his bed yet a master of a multi-million dollar empire. Yeah, right. I do not think the children are his biologically. It seems apparent, doesn't it? He seems to have chosen children that fit his ideal of what was attractive to him. Very dangerous if you ask me. HIs choice for the women to incubate his children seems to have been chosen to yeild children with white complexions. I see no markers of bi-raciality in them (as of yet). His choice for guardians for them seems to be rooted in love and admiration.
    BTW some Black folk need to get a real grip. Somethings are just TRUE. OJ did it, Michael did it, Everything is not a conspiracy against well..maybe sometimes. Ha ha!!

  50. Saint James if you can clearly see that and so can I, then what the hell is wrong with the so called black community?!?

    I'll add another one.......that piss wasn't digitized, R. Kelly did that shit....with his pissing ass!!!

    But I will say this........when I was a kid, I was totally enamored by The Jackson 5 and as I grew up, my admiration of Michael's talents grew as well. By the time I was a senior in high school, I thought that he was the most talented entertainer and by the time I went to college, I knew he was. While I disdain many things about the man, I have to admit that in my humble opinion I thought that he was the greatest entertainer of alltime. For ten or twelve years there, no one was bigger. MTV sucked at the Jackson teat for a long, long, long time.

  51. Brother Reggie,
    the problem is proof.
    When that senator was involved in the murder of that page, in the end, regardless of peoples views, and the suggestions and hints, there wasn't enough proof.
    the problem is proof.

    @saint james,
    do not let your viewpoints towards the mans offstage life color his onstage talent and skill, that is one of the biggest problems in the united states of america.
    Then why is it the cops who put 41 bullets in a black man, which was proven without question got away scot free? where is your truth there.
    If there is any historical fact about the united states is that the united states of america from in its inception lied.

  52. That may be so Brother MK, but perception is reality. As far as some people are concerned; OJ didn't use a knife to filet his ex and her lover, R. Kelly doesn't like having sex and peeing on young girls, Michael Jackson was attracted to women and fat meat isn't greasy.

  53. I personally believe Joe Jackson is at least partially if not solely to blame for Michael's spiral down-ward starting back in childhood when he would make fun of his big nose and the way he looked. I think his self-identity took a big hit that really affected him and the self-medicating was his way of trying to escape the pain and not have to deal with his inner demons...and those definitely were not his biological kids. However, Blanket the youngest one is the only one that I would believe could be his.

    LOL @ the fat meat isn't greasy phrase...had to be a fellow Southerner.

  54. Kandia you know that's how we southerners roll!!!

    His family may have had an effect on him; but when he was in his early 20s, he still looked somewhat normal. His father doesn't seem like a boyscout to me either; and he certainly wouldn't be the first parent to negatively influence their children. But Michael has to bear the brunt of the responsibility for being flat out weird, life's about choices; and he was the one who scheduled the plastic surgery to make himself look like an old white woman.

  55. Yea Joe Jackson may have not been the best parent when his children were younger,but when the Jackson children became of age the impact of his parenting skills were evident.As a child of a father who was a drunk I can't continue to blame my dsyfuntion on my father.It cames a time when I had to take the dam bull by the horns and do what is the right thing for my life!

  56. Agreed BigMac, both of my parents had issues with alcoholism. It's a rare occasion when I drink myself. We all hold our own fate, in our hands. Life is about choices.

    Full mother went through a structured program to stop drinking.......twice. My father used to always say that he wasn't an alcoholic, he was a drunk. He used to always say that alcoholics have to go to those meetings and he wasn't going.......since they usually were scheduled when he was drinking anyway.