Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keep your cooties to yourself!!!!

It's flu and cold season, so I'm seriously on my guard.  You know why?!? Because I'm scared of cooties.

Whenever anyone ever calls me a germaphobe, I look directly in their pie hole and say "guilty as charged!!!"

Ya know why?!? Well, it's a simple why deny it?!?  I'm an avowed germaphobe.
 I hate it when people sneeze in my vicinity, even if they don't sneeze directly on me.  The fact is, that stuff goes everywhere.  Anytime someone sneezes and doesn't cover their mouth, their cooties go airborne quicker than Kryptonite will kill Superman.  Just about every year, I'll get a flu shot.....I got one about six weeks ago in anticipation of the flu and cold season that's in full effect right now.
Even though I know people will get sick, sometimes even if they've had a shot.  I still do it as a precaution.  It's not like little elves go to my office and do my work, so I'm forever washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, sucking down cough drops and avoiding sick ass people.  To all you sick ass people out there..........please keep your cooties to yourself; and if by chance you're sick or not feeling particularly well.........please stay the hell away from me.  It's not personal, it's all about self preservation to me.

If you're sick, please stay the hell away from me; and if you're not, please consider getting a flu shot......especially if you plan on being anywhere near me.


  1. I tend to hold my breath when people sneeze too close to me, especially stranger out in the street, hoping the germs will pass I guess. Germs can spread like wildfire in offices, I tend to pick it up at some point.

    1. ...and I tend to want to hit them Dawna.

      Cooties will spread around an office quicker than sunshine. Probably though because most offices don't have windows that can be opened. We seldom get enough fresh air.

  2. Lol. I hold my breath too when that happens.

    1. ...and like I said before, I tend to want to hit them Val.

  3. I was on line at the grocery store last week. I had put my items down and was waiting. Then the cashier coughs into her hand. I gathered all of my things and went to the next line. I started to tell her that she should cough using her forearm/ inner elbow to shield it but I just walked away.

    There's no way you are a bigger germaphobe than me, Reggie!

    1. Maybe we're about what and what Val?!?

      I have done pretty much the same thing Val. I refuse to buy food from anyone who doesn't use gloves....that's just nasty. If I see someone take money with the same gloved hand they use to make my food, I'm outta there.

      Nasty is rampant for some reason. That train is never late.

  4. Sometimes holding your breathe is just not enough! Run!!

  5. It is indeed the open season of GERMS all around us. The flu is viral so unless you have an exceptional powerful immune system you are up shits creek. The flu jab does help as it has been claimed by those who opt for it. Others have gone for the jab and swear never to inflict that on themselves again as the side effects were far worse than actually catching a cold.

    LOL at Val........I don't blame you. What to do though if you're in a place like church, there are sick people all around coughing do you back out of shaking their hand when it comes to saying peace be with you!!.

    1. I don't want to be up shits creek Barefoot that near the Potomac?!? Or perhaps the Mississippi?!?

      Whenever I get a flu shot I will experience just a tad bit of nausea or a slight fever for a few hours, after that I'm good.

      Barefoot Countessa you bought up something that drives me absolutely crazy. On the first of the month when we're given Communion in my church I'm forever questioning myself. The pastor is quick to ask us to shake our neighbor's hands at some point and to shake the hands of the people sitting around us. Then......after all that, he asks us to take Communion. After shaking anyone's hands I always wash mine. It's just nasty not to do that. I could imagine a lot of people getting sick from that practice alone.

    2. Reggie I gotta agree on that one I've had days when I thought twice about taking wine from the communion cup yikessss

    3. Yeah I know, right. Some of those church going folks got cooties too.

    4. "What to do though if you're in a place like church, there are sick people all around coughing do you back out of shaking their hand when it comes to saying peace be with you!!."

      Oh I will tell someone in a heartbeat that I have a cold and I wouldn't want to spread my germs by shaking hands. Lol Shaking hands really creeps me out.

    5. I guess I've gotta start keeping hand sanitizer in my pocket. Next time though, right before Communion is given, I'm gonna get up and go wash my hands Val.

  6. I wonder where you got the idea for this post? ;) I'm a germaphobe too...but maybe not to the degree you are, Reggie. LOL! I managed to pick up a cold despite all of the precautions I take...just bound to happen at some point. I do have the good sense to stay home when I'm sick though. One, because I don't feel well enough to be there working and two, because people would be giving me the side eye if I came in there sneezing and hacking my head off. LOL Isn't that what sick days are for?

    1. I've done a post like this quite a few times Crystal, people are nasty ya know. But I'm sure your last post put it in my mind and kept it there.

      I'm guilty of going to work sick. I do that all the time, I rarely call in sick. My company will buy back your sick days on your employment anniversary date. I'm as cheap as all get out, so I always take the maximum back.

  7. I'm not a germaphobe, but hate being around nasty people who cough and sneeze without regard for those around them. I wash my hands and/or use sanitizer where necessary and applicable. I clean and santize things at home and work for precautionary sake and I'm especially wary of little bio terrorists otherwise known as kids because they are some nasty ass lil creatures. I don't eat behind them, don't let them eat or drink off anything I have, and I am more than quick to wipe ish down that they've been around.

    I've been fortunate to have never had the flu or gotten a flu shot. I've never truly had a cold; save for a cuople months ago and I was gobsmacked as to how to handle it. I washed my hands and used sanitizer incessantly for the four-five days I was coughing and sniffly.

    I agree with Crystal, if you're sick, stay home.

    1. BluJewel I'm gonna take my cooties to work. I seldom call out. It's been a few years since I last called in sick.

      I use hand sanitizer and wash my hands constantly. I don't do it hourly, but at least a few times a day when I'm at work. I'm always amazed that while I'm standing there washing my hands that men come out of those stalls after sounding like they're giving birth and they don't flush or wash their hands when they come out. Those men, that I see do that, lose their hand shaking privileges with Reggie.

      I had the flu about 10 years ago and I thought I was gonna die. I was sick for at least three weeks and I missed more than a week of work because of it.

    2. There are instances at work where I have to meet clients and after I've shaken their hands, I find a way to get to my desk so I can sanitize or head to the bathroom to wash my hands; can't take any chances. Women are as nasty as men in not washing their hands and they're not excluded from my sanitation.

      See, that's why you don't need that damn flu shot. I recall getting a Hep B booster when I was still in the service and I had a reaction to it. You know who DIDN'T get any shots after that right?

    3. Yeah I've heard of a few people that have nasty reactions to the flu shot, but most of the time I just don't feel anything.

      This year I was a little sore, but in years past.....nothing.

      As we get older BluJewel, we need to be thinking more and more about getting that shot.

  8. After 7 straight nights of being exposed to more flu than I care to mention, I've got seven days to I think my immune system is super charged. I've been nursing so long I have an acquired immunity to most things. Still, I don't wanna push it. So, like I said...glad to be home :)

    1. You're a better person than me Roschelle, I'm scared of folks.

  9. Those pictures you have in your blog post... My goodness! Really drives the point home.

    I have been sick for the past couple of weeks, and have had to work. Couldn't take off, really. But I have two boxes of sanitary wipes at my desk. I sneeze and cough into my shirt, so it all hits the breassesess... LOL!

    I try to stay away from too much, with my compromised immune system. It is horrid when I travel and around a lot of people. Takes me a day just to recover, whether vacationing, or on business travel. Sigh.

    1. Yeah that's why I picked those particular pictures LadyLee.

      My degree is in Marketing, yet I don't have one of those traveling gigs and I rarely have to meet customers or corporate visitors in my office. So I usually just deal with my staff and the people from other staffs in my office. Still that's a lot of people and I'm scared of all those folks.

      I don't want to get sick and I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Yeah, it is tough. I'm feeling a bit under the weather myself. Not sure if it's full blown flu but it is definitely flu-like. I understand your disdain for germs.

    1. Oh I don't want them and I don't want them anywhere near me No Labels.

      I certainly hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Are you sure you're in the right place Anonymous?!?

  12. Everyone is snotting and sniffling around on my job Reg. I just keep as far away as possible. I've had the flu once in my life, I don't want that mess again.
    Love the pics...they're so

    1. Thanks BayouCreole, I always enjoy finding the pictures for my blog posts.

      ....I found this online.

      Beware of common items: Studies have shown that germiest areas in offices were sink faucet handles in the break room, microwave door handles and keyboards. Employees should wipe down their workplace with a disinfectant on a daily basis, as well as wash their hands after touching common items like the refrigerator, microwave, door handle and faucets.
      •Wash hands: Workers needs to make an effort to wash their hands before eating, after reading magazines in the break room and after meetings where they're sharing office equipment or shaking hands with people. Hands should be washed with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
      •Stay hydrated: In order to avoid dehydration, which when combined with a lack of sleep and stress compromises an immune system, employees should keep a jug of water at their desk.
      •Vitamins: When workers start to feel under the weather, they need to consult with their health care provider about taking a supplement such as vitamin C or zinc.
      •No touching: Employees must make a conscious effort to not touch their face during the workday. Touching eyes, noses and mouths gives germs direct access to the body and further compromises the immune system.

    2. I keep hand sanitizer in my pocket at work. I agree with that article...the work place is a haven for germs. YUCK!

    3. I keep hand sanitizer in my desk; as well as, Clorox wipes and Lysol. I wipe down my keyboard, telephone and desk frequently (just in case someone touches it or sneezes or coughs near it).

      I don't want to get sick BayouCreole.

  13. Blessings....
    LMFAO, you are frigging hilarious....
    I feel you though.


  14. I feel you. I had to go H.A.M. on a co-worker who refuses to cover his mouth and is always coughing in someones direction. Nasty bastard!

    1. Yeah I feel you Spoken Word. I'm been known to go HAM, EGGS and GRITS on a mofo for doing that to me.

  15. I'm team keep-away-from-me too. A representative from the CDC stated on the news this week that flu germs can live on a surface for 8 hours!! I have been wiping down everything and washing my hands until they're ashy. Ugh.

    1. I use Lysol wipes at my desk daily and I am a seriel hand washer. I hate it when people touch me that don't appear to be sick.

  16. man those sprays are awful! this woman next to me kept sneezing and all i could think was "no please dont need ur virus!". the she did this full on mouth open yawn. urgh!

    1. You should have called her out Chrome, I've been known to do that sort of a matter of fact, I did so today.

  17. Replies
    1. Gotta do it Mark!!!! Who wants someone else's cooties?!?

  18. So I work in a pretty big office. Folk have gone down like Frazier, left and right. People have been sick and missing work like crazy since I got back post-Christmas. They took all their shots and did this and that and visited the witch doctor (oo-ee-oo-ah-ah-bing-bang-walla-walla-bing-bang). Disinfected every doorknob and common area regularly. Only person who hasn't gotten sick? Yup. All I do is drink water and wash my hands regularly throughout the day.

    1. They visited the witch doctor J.A.H.?!? Brother you must live in Georgia or Mississippi or maybe even Louisiana or Arkansas. I don't even believe they have any witch doctors anymore in Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee.
      I believe that when the witch doctors treats you for flu or cold they do the same thing they do when you have swollen feet. They piss in one of those old style wash tubs for like 15 minutes. And not just some of that mid day piss, but some of that strong early morning Ammonia piss. But instead of having you stick your feet in it, they cover your head with an old blanket and make you inhale it for ten or fifteen minutes.

      ....that never really worked for me. Of course, I'm from Alabama so I'd know.

  19. Hey Reggie...
    How you doing? Just checking in.

    have a blessed weekend.


    1. I'm fine I really can't complain.....that's not entirely true.

      Someone close to me died yesterday. Someone I'd been leaning on for some time. I've gotta get out of the doldrums I'm feeling. Like so many people, I blog as an outlet for stress and to get the general frustrations of the day out of my system. I need to blog today. There will be time to mourn at his funeral. Knowing him, he wouldn't want for me to mourn for him anyway. I need to turn this mood I'm in around.

  20. I'm with you on that! I was in the store the other day and this woman in the next check-out line sneezed into her hand and wiped it on her pant leg! In another store, a teenager was coughing and hacking all over the place without covering. What is wrong with folks?

    1. Melissa while I was at work on Friday, one of my direct reports kept coughing on me and sneezing in my office. I went off and eventually he got up and went home for the day. It's bad enough that I have to be around people that are sick, it's worse when they try to give me their cooties.

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  22. A subject near and desr to my heart! In fact my entire family.

    If we're in a store and sombody sneezes into the.air, as if graciosly gifting all with their airborne germs, as if on cue, like a flock of birds, we immediately turn and head in another direction:)

    People can be such pigs! Lord have mercy! Wiping your nose with your hand or sneezing into it! Jeeeeeeez! Ugh!

    1. One things for sure, I don't like nasty ass people Desert Flower.

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  25. I guess I should stay on my side of blogspot then LOL. I don't understand why people cough and sneeze out without covering their's just nasty.

    1. Yeah there are plenty of nasty ass people out there Linda.

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