Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm sorry, WTF did you say?!?

 Have you ever overheard something that you know you weren't supposed to hear?!?  Something that you didn't want to hear?!? Maybe it's something as personal as an argument between two lovers or someone making a doctor's appointment for something VERY personal. Or something as serious as a death threat or the admission of a crime?!?
 Well, a couple of days ago I overheard something that I know that I wasn't supposed to hear.  Something that someone that I've known for quite some time could have kept to themselves.  Because to be honest, I really didn't want to know what I heard.
Shit to be honest, I wish I could un-hear it.  Because what they said took me completely by surprise.  I wouldn't have thought those words would have come out of their mouth in a million years. 
While walking by someone I know and have known for years, I clearly overheard them tell someone on the other end of their cellphone that they were living proof that praying the gay away works.  I almost walked through a glass door when I heard them say that.
Now every time I see this person, I'm gonna have to think about this bullshit.  Because that's what it is, bullshit.  I don't believe that it's possible for someone to pray away their sexuality.  I mean......I honestly don't know what to say about this other than.....Wow!!!  It did cause me to sit back and think for the rest of the day though. 

How does one pray their desires away?!? I mean, I can see someone attempting to suppress their desires or strive to be celibate.   But pray away what you've always been since the day you were born?!? If I was gay and someone talked about praying the gay away, I believe I'd be offended.  As if there is something wrong with being gay. 
 I've come a long way in my thinking around the subject of sexuality. I haven't always had a mature forward thinking attitude about it. I can clearly remember hearing hateful, stupid things come out of my mouth when I wore a younger man's clothes. At this point in my life, I like to think that I become a better person everyday and that with age comes wisdom.  Thankfully, I'm not the person that I used to be.
 To be honest, I wish that I could "un-hear" the shit I heard.  Have you ever heard something that you wished you hadn't heard and do you honestly believe that ANYONE can actually pray the gay away?!?
I mean...............really?!?


  1. I'm sure we have all heard things we would like to "unhear". But I think I would have to address that one with the person

    1. Oh no Roz, not this particular fool. This one is so crazy you've gotta spell his crazy with a "k". You can call the circus, he would definitely clown!!!

      I think I'll leave that little nugget untouched.

  2. This has to be the worst. It's hard as hell to block out the info you overheard and it's the only thing you want to do. I hate that. I also do not adhere to the notion that one can pray away the gay. That's insane.

    1. Ms. Kenda if I could have ripped my ears off and jumped up and down on them to make it go away, I would have.

      If a man wants another man, you can't pray that away. If a woman wants another woman, you can't pray that away.

      What in the flapjack titty hell is wrong with people?!?

  3. Much has been said about the 'power of prayer'. but sometimes I think we could rethink exactly the focus of our prayers. I suspect because of the difficulties associated with being gay, there may be a gay man or woman who has in the past tried to pray that away.. doesn't work any more than trying to pray away love for anyone... Ive heard alot of things in my time that sometimes i wish i hadn't... but then i guess that person trusted me or felt comfortable enough to tell me. then then are things ive overheard and thought geesh!!!.. wish i hadn't

    1. Oh trust me Dawna, they didn't mean for me to hear this. I just happened to walk up and behind them when they were saying this. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.

  4. I've heard plenty of stuff that I wish I had never heard or ever want to hear in any part of my life, but I've never heard anything that has ever really took me by surprise. It's not that people haven't tried to shock me but whatever it is they have said, I had already known. It's like having a cheating spouse or partner, you may not have any evidence or details to prove anything but deep down inside you already know there's crap going on and it's just going to take time to see how this story turns out.

    It's the same way with friends and acquaintances, some of them may be as clueless as Bozo the Clown or as deep as Einstein or Darwin but there are times in all of us when the idiot proves to be greater than the savant and shit starts to be flung about. When that happens I just pray that I'm not in the front row, unless of course it's me doing the flinging.

    1. Okay Curious I can't say that I don't agree with any of that. But do you believe that it's possible for a woman or man to pray their sexual preference away?

    2. Alright, let me try and steer away from the religious part of your question because I still haven't decided where I fall on that issue. But I do think that if there is an all powerful and omnipresent being responsible for it all, I would doubt very much that he, she or it would really care which side someone's penis swings when there is so much else to be concerned with. That being said, I think everything else is left up to the individual to either accept who they are or not. Ultimately just as a black girl grows up to realize that they will never look like the traditional Barbie Doll no matter how much they pray, hope and wish for, a gay man or woman will never be any more straight than they are now no matter who they kneel down to.

    3. Are you sure you weren't a politician in your last life Curious?!?

      "I think everything else is left up to the individual to either accept who they are or not. Ultimately just as a black girl grows up to realize that they will never look like the traditional Barbie Doll no matter how much they pray, hope and wish for, a gay man or woman will never be any more straight than they are now no matter who they kneel down to."

      That statement makes complete sense to me Curious.

  5. I really think "praying the gay" away is a ridiculous statement. If the tables were turned and someone was talking about "praying the straight" away, people would be up at arms, as if to say "What's wrong with being straight?" I'm surprised you didn't call him out on your stupidity.

    1. The only reason that I didn't say anything No Labels is because they weren't talking to me, but having a "semi-private" conversation since they were doing it in a designated smoking area with no one else around. I hate having to walk through there since it's like walking through the gauntlet given the smoke being blown around there. Kinda like the smoke he was clearly blowing up someone's ass on the other end of that cell.

  6. Under this "pray-away" belief system, God is all-powerful and all-knowing, amenable to petitionary requests. Under this belief system, God can change your sexuality because God is responsible for putting it there. I have never heard anyone engaged in this belief system who can come up with the slightest logical reason why the God of their understanding would make someone gay only remake the same person straight. The only explanation I ever heard with a semblance of logic is that someone fell under the influence of the Devil, but I've never heard anyone explain how the Devils is more powerful in this area than their supposedly all-powerful God.
    I have never once heard an "ex-hetero" report (because say, he was in prison for life) that he successfully "prayed away the straight." The fact that we laugh at the idea tells us a great deal. The desire is always for greater social acceptability, not away from it. Of course young gays growing up in a society (or subculture--like an evangelical one) don't want to be less accepted. Of course they flail away at temporary fixes. Many of them get married and their wives never quite understand why their husband feel more like friends than lovers. It's a damn shame--but as a gay man, I try to be compassionate. The best thing I can do is be a happy example of how sexual preference is about as changeable as left-handedness, and love and stupendous friendship awaits those who practice self-acceptance.

    1. Thank you Mark for your comment.

      To me it makes perfect sense; however, there are so many of us so called "straights" that think that there is something wrong with being gay. The why in that is beyond me as if it's important for them to have some kind of control over what happens in someone else's home. Why it's necessary for us ALL to be completely alike is beyond me in some people's minds.

      I think that's the problem with some of these conservative types that think that there is something wrong with anyone who isn't exactly like them.

      For someone to even imply that someone is "confused" over their sexuality is something that I've never understood also. When I was a little boy I liked little girls. That felt natural to me. Just like if someone else is attracted to the same sex and it feels natural to them. It is what it is.

  7. I believe that prayer can work miracles, but I don't think praying someone to NOT be gay would work any better than praying someone straight to BE gay. Sexuality (even when it's fluid) & prayer are two completely different concepts... & unless you are Prince or Marvin Gaye, they rarely mix well.

    When people I THOUGHT I knew say things that truly take me aback, I call my reaction to that "The Big Chill." There are moments when most anyone can give you The Big Chill, & you can't undo or unhear it. As YOU might say, "it is what it is."


    1. I think your sexuality is like being pregnant Moanerplicity, either you are or you aren't.

  8. Pray the gay away...okay.
    Reg, it seems like lately I've been hearing a lot of shit I wish I hadn't.

    1. Yeah but BayouCreole you know damned well that no one can pray their gay away!!!

  9. Thank you for your comment.
    I would be so happy if you could like my Facebook page.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have a Facebook page RoseMode.

  10. yes!!! i work in a hospital and i hear things ALL THE TIME! LoL
    there are for sure times that i wish i did not hear certain things. but i guess that is what happens no matter how careful you try to be

    1. I've certainly heard some things over the years that caused me to want to rip my ears off and jump up and down on them Ms. Composure.

  11. After I managed to recover from my epic bursts of literally laughing out loud after seeing the pic of Hilary, I was able to resume my thoughts on the topic at hand. Btw, I HAD to 'steal' that pic...OMG! To fuggin funny.

    Okay, jokes aside; I've heard the "pray the gay away" line used before and I, too, wish it was something I could unhear. While I'm a believer in the power of prayer, I don't think there is any prayer THAT strong. As previous comments; yours included have said, that's tantamount to praying someone gay or being unblack etc.

    The Divine Higher Power (stated as such because we each have our own title of him/her), created ALL things/people according to the word, so as Mark said, "Under this belief system, God can change your sexuality because God is responsible for putting it there. I have never heard anyone engaged in this belief system who can come up with the slightest logical reason why the God of their understanding would make someone gay only remake the same person straight." We are who we are gay/straight/bi/transgendered, etc., and we can't undo that. We can make choices as to how we handle it, but again, we can't undo it.

    I'd rather someone say they've suppressed their sexual desires that don't fit into so-called 'main stream society' in order not to succumb to their sexual orientation or desires, than to say they've prayed the gay away. In my humble opinion, I feel that denying ones sexuality forces people to be denied love and being loved and at the end of the day isn't that what we all want...LOVE!

    Love has no colour, no predestined assignment to gender, and love is NOT an noun, but an adjective - an action! So, instead of 'praying the gay away', that person should start loving themselves enough to love and be loved.

    1. BluJewel when I write a post the picture is always important to me. More times than not I will have a topic and then go looking for a picture to bring the point home. Sometimes though, I will see a picture and write a post around it. I like to think that my sense of humor comes out regularly.....but usually it doesn't.

      I guess that the thing for me that's hard to get my head around is that there are people who can look at other people and decide that there is something wrong with the way they live their lives; and yet, those same people can't look within to see the wrong in their own lives. Maybe they can't see anything because they feel that they are the image of perfection?

  12. Too bad you can't unhear things...

    In order to say something like "pray the gay away", you would have to believe in the spirit world. That someone could possess a gay spirit, an alcoholic spirit, a sexual spirit, etc.

    Obviously this person is one of those persons, so it makes perfect sense to them.

    1. It may make perfect sense to them Afrodeezha, but it sounded absolutely ridiculous to me.

  13. Reggie my man. I have stopped by to obtain my Reggie fill and TRUST I am never disappointed... I'll say this on the subject. This is like the HOLY BIBLE..How can man come along and change that which has already been written, or to his view and understanding.... You are either Gay, Bi Sexual or you are not just think of the possibility of this individual exposing many women to his previous prayed away lifestyle... Frightening....Reggie I am a true believer in the Power of GOD, dude should just be honest with himself and accept himself just as GOD made him GAY!

    1. So you're a true believer Texas Queen? Then tell me why if God doesn't make mistakes why praying the gay away would even be necessary?!?

      When I was a kid growing up I had the utmost respect for both the members of the church that I knew and the pastor. They were people of integrity and they all seemed to live their lives right. These people in the church today must be different people. There seems to be a new scandal in the church every week. Or maybe it's just that it was always there, I was young and naive and no one knew because the Internet was a distant reality?!? That's probably it.

  14. One thing I can say about your blog and mentality, Reg, you bar none. Lol. I thought I barrd none, but you bar NONE. Not sure if I've heard the saying before I probably have and just don't remember. But I'm a firm believer in prayer working if the heart is sincere in God's, I believe it's possible.

    That's not to say I don't get your humor though. I do.

    1. There is no topic that I won't take on Don; and it's nice to know that someone does actually get my sense of humor.

      Oh I believe that prayer works for sincere people. I just don't believe that it's possible to pray your sexuality away.....that's absolutely ridiculous. Someone might succeed in suppressing those feeling or becoming celibate; but I don't believe if you're sexually attracted to a specific gender that you can stop being attracted to them by simply praying.

  15. so many judgmental people so little time to care...speak on it Reg

    1. Yeah Budda, but still, the entire notion is rather silly.

  16. Yeah Reggie that was some dumb shit you heard. I agree with everything you said. I wonder if a sex addict that loves pussy can "pray" the pussy away? Or vice verse for a woman? Can she "pray" the dick away? This is that bullshit man. It's almost like asking a person when did they know they was Gay. Really? When did you know you were straight? Is there a time in your life when you wake up up and be like... "Today I am going to wear pink to work. I feel that my gayness has been turned on." Seriously?

    1. That's just it Dirty Red, I honestly don't believe that we "decide" our sexuality. It's like being pregnant, either you are or you aren't. Now I do believe that we can exercise restraint, but that doesn't mean that those feelings go away.

      I understand that we live in a world of political correctness, but there is no correct way where sexuality is concerned. I don't see anything wrong with my attraction to women; so why would anyone say there is something wrong with someone else's physical desires?!?

      There are people around us Dirty Red that are seriously in need of an enema.

  17. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been in that situation before. Two of my co-workers are having an affair. I overheard a brief inappropriate conversation. Now I feel awkward, especially since his wife also works with us. I wish I could rewind time and been far away from that convo...

    1. I know that's something that you wish that you could unheard. Be sure and stay far away from that shit Mlvlatina.

  18. Thank you Reggie, that was funny. That really is some bull shit. While I do believe that God answers prayers, our sexuality is who we are. My son is gay. and there was a time in his teens when he used to think it would go away with prayer, but I told him that praying to not be gay was like praying to not have brown eyes, or to not be tall. Our sexuality is who we are. That person you were overhearing is living a lie, for sure.

    1. I'm sure that your son is an awesome young man Daij. I have a son and a daughter and I only hope that both of them are happy with their life choices; but I also hope that they are both happy with what life has dealt them.

      There are some things that we can do nothing about. It is what it is.

  19. The leader of the gay conversion movement who also said he was living proof that it works gave up after a few years and admitted that it had never worked. I forget his name.

    1. We all might as well forget his name because he was completely full of shit too.

  20. about 3 years ago i overheard something between two friends, that i wished i hadn't heard but then again they were pretty stupid and learned to whisper in a saw mill, so if they wanted it to be a secret then that went out the window.

    1. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said, "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."

      There are some secrets that I'd prefer not to know.

  21. I truly laughed out loud at this post...pray the gay away...I wonder if you can pray your penis away as well..

    I felt this way when I overheard an elderly couple discussing which lube to buy and why one was better than the other ...I hate walmart! LOL

    1. Poetrystruth there is probably about as much chance of praying your penis away as there is to pray the gay away.

      Old people shouldn't be allowed to talk in Walmart.

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